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Problem Installing Windows XP2 in SATA!!! Urgent

Discussion in 'Software' started by nelsons, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

    Just bought a Clevo 900T (without OS), as it arrived i tried to install Windows XP2, at the begining of the instalation i pressed F6 to add the SATA378 drivers with a USB (NEC) Floppy, the OS reads the drivers and detects the Disk, after a while, when the OS starts to create the list of files to copy it asks again to insert the Promise SATA driver disk (which is in the USB Floppy drive) and to press ENTER to continue. At this point when i press ENTER nothing happens, the floppy drive doesn't even try to read the drivers again. I've tried to slipstream windows, the windows xp installs just fine... or almost, at (1 minute to go) it reboots the computer, and then it keeps rebooting it.
    Can anyone help me? The store tells me that my problem is my floppy, but i've tried it with NEC, Samsung, IOMEGA..., then i contacted Clevo and they said "Those # are not CLEVO manufacture serial #..... Sorry!! You need to get back to wherever you purchased from for this issue. Regards." i'm getting desperate, paid over $2000 for it and i can't use it! :(

    Thanks in advance
  2. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    This is what I have managed to find. The Clevo D900T natively supports SATA HDD. Therefore it is unnecessary to install the drivers from floppy during XP installation.

    Take you XP install disk not the slipstreamed one, and boot with that in the drive. Do a clean install, don't resume from a failed install.

    See if that fixes your problem.
  3. Insomniac

    Insomniac Billy Ray Cyrus #1 Fan

    That doesn't make sense.

    It's the operating system that requires SATA drivers, regardless of whether the Clevo has native support or not.

    I know nothing about the Clevo, and that may very well be true, but I fail to understand how?
  4. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    If SATA is natively supported by the MoBo chipset than no additional drivers are need during the XP installation process.

    If SATA is supported by a dedicated chipset, then yes you need to load the drivers during the XP installation process.

    Looking over the System Specs it appears to be native. I could be wrong.

    The problem could very well be the USB floppy drive. I'm not all that familiar with the inner workings of the Windows install process. But doesn't Windows only load the bare minimum drivers during installation. Could be entirely possible that the installation process no longer sees the USB floppy drive at that point of the install.
  5. Insomniac

    Insomniac Billy Ray Cyrus #1 Fan

    As far as I'm aware (and I'm only doing this from memory and have never installed one) you only need third party scsi or raid drivers?
  6. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    Usually, I let windows load default drivers during the install process. Then I install any third party drivers I need post install.

    Works best for me. I have had more than my fair share of problems trying to load third party drivers during the Windows install process.

    I am suprised hardware manufacturers are still providing floppy disks, instead of CDs, these days. Since many of the newer computers come without floppy drives, especially Laptops.
  7. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

    Finally problem FIXED!! :D
    I HAD to slipstream my WindowsXP, but i did it using nLite, and worked just fine.
    Installing from my original XP CD the OS could't find the SATA disk, so i HAD to add the sata drivers.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Regards and Thanks to all MajorGeeks

    Nelson Silva
  8. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    Glad to here it.
  9. ASUS

    ASUS MajorGeek

    nLite ROCK's, Ya know you can also add most all of the windows updates to you Slipstream XP CD.
    What a time saver if you reload ya OS frequently.
    Have ya tryed making Unatended install CD, that rocks too.
    Another thing I noticed with slip streaming the OS/SP2/microsoft updates, the registry is much cleaner as opposed to manually adding sp2 & updates.

    I got one Question?
    What's a Clevo D900T "Never heard of it" Got a Web Link??
  10. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

  11. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

    Here's another site with some good pictures of the mobo.


    Tell me what you think of him, i would like some coments. I know that this one with a batery really sucks, but i needed a powerful desktop replacement, because i do 3D modelling and animation.


  12. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

    Just one Question

    Can anyone tell me what "PCI Spacing " is??:confused:

  13. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    I think it is the spacing between PCI slots. That is a term I'm not really familiar with. 'PCI Spacing' would seem to indicate distance between PCI 'Slots' or 'Cards'.
  14. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

    My mistake, the term is "PCI Space" and has something to do with memory.

  15. nelsons

    nelsons Private E-2

    looks like the problem came back to bite me in the..... bottom. this time is worst, somehow i just can't slipstream the drivers into the installation, or if they do get in the install windows doesn't recognize them


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