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Problem with Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver

Discussion in 'Software' started by SkyFlyer, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. SkyFlyer

    SkyFlyer Private E-2

    Hello all ...
    I too am having trouble with the WINMM WDM audio.
    I'm not sure why it is showing up, and I can probably tell the story if you want.
    Anyway, I have an AMD Sempron CPU and motherboard (barebones kit) and the built in sound is AC'97.
    According to Computer/manage/device, that is OK.
    I do have a yellow bang by several of the other devices.
    I have tried to uninstall and then reinstall my AC'97.
    That installs OK.
    The minute I try to use Winamp, it says it has detected the WINMM stuff.
    It is my understanding from a little reading that this is not needed in XP.
    In fact, XP says this is old stuff.
    I have downloaded Everest and have run it.
    What info do you need from that for you to help me?
    I hope you can help me!!!
    The sound did work a while back.
    I did have a crash when plugging in a USB memory card reader into the front USB plug. I think things have gone south from that point on.
    The USB on the back is working fine.
    I have unplugged the front USB for now.
    Anyway, if there is more to know, ask me.

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