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Problems cloning hard drives with different block sizes

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kahlil88, May 30, 2012.

  1. kahlil88

    kahlil88 Private E-2

    I've been running into clone problems lately with 1TB hard drives. HDClone gives me an error saying different block sizes aren't supported. Clonezilla won't work either and it's really a bother to do a clean install and migrate everything manually. Karen's Replicator is another possibility that I've considered but it's a bit time-consuming, especially with hard drives that have multiple partitions.
  2. Tueur

    Tueur Sergeant Major

    Maybe try making a drive image then dropping that onto the new disk. Might be easier than cloning
  3. kahlil88

    kahlil88 Private E-2

    Unfortunately the 750GB is almost full (maybe 20GB of free space), which is the reason for upgrading to a larger drive. So I don't have space for a drive image.
  4. tgell

    tgell Major Geek Extraordinaire

    By different block sizes, are they talking about sector sizes. I am not sure why that error would be flagged. Is the drive you are trying to clone to a raw drive without a formatted partition? If it is formatted try zeroing the drive first with LL format and then clone. If you OS is Windows 7 then I would check the option to do a 4K alignment.


    If that does not work, try Easeus Disk Copy. It's a bootable disk like Clonezilla.



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