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Problems with any game

Discussion in 'Software' started by disk00, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. disk00

    disk00 Private E-2

    Uhm, i recently purchased Unreal tournament 3. And i got it installed and everything and got into a CTF match. Got to play 2 whole matches...then it BSOD'd on me. said it was my graphics card...so then i replaced it. and now i get a different one...after about 10 BSODs i gave up. But now everytime i try to download/install a new game...they always have problem with the Registry. Gunz (ijji) Wont work for some unknown reason, says firewall or..something else ( my firewall is turned off so i KNOW its not that) And when i try to play Cabal Online. It complains that it can't write something into the registry..then when it opens up the launcher to update. it tells me to Reinstall the game...but i've done that like 10 times, with the same results.

    Is this a virus/spyware? or maybe has my computer just locked down on security cuz of the BSODs i kept getting with UT3?


    And thanks in advance for any help....
  2. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    Please list every single anti-malware application you have installed, as well as your OS.

    Also, next up... try shutting off one anti-malware app at a time and then run your games and see if that helps. Which one of them is it that is causing problems?
  3. disk00

    disk00 Private E-2

    Windows XP Home edition SP2

    i use the only...antispyware/malware program thats actualy works for me. SUPERANTISPYWARE. I did a scan, and it found 10 infections. One of them i always have so i overlook that one but. I've never had "Trojan.VXGame-Variant/D" before
    Also i only have the program open if i want to scan. otherwise, its turned off.

    UT3 was the game that first...gave me the BIGGEST problems...And i was all over the Epic games forums, and every solution they had, seemed to make the game crash faster. I dont even have the Disc anymore cause i gave up on it ( gave to my friend, he loves the series and it works for him ). I'll wait till steam has another Free-weekend and see if the Steam version works.
  4. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    That's not nearly enough! That's why you have at least one trojan, probably a lot more. Go to this thread and follow the instructions in it to the letter, and post the requested logs, so the malware fighters in that forum can help you get your computer safe and sound again.
  5. disk00

    disk00 Private E-2

    Ok, i will probably..search that thread if i have anymore trouble. I did manage to get cabal working..apparently i was using a bad client. Sorry to waste your time :( I was thinking about getting that malwarebytes program, but i have to pay for the full one. which makes me think..that its gonna find all kinds of spyware and stuff then say i have to pay to remove them.
  6. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    You don't need to pay to use MBAM, and you don't have to pay fr any protection software if you don't want to. All the anti-malware applications I use on this computer are completely freeware. You really, really, should follow that guide and post your logs for the malware fighters in that forum. You are bound to have a lot of infections on this computer if you've never used any protection software on it, and if you pay for these games with a credit card on your online game account, that can be disastrous.

    After you've completed the Read & Run Me thread and the malware fighters have looked at your logs and cleared your system, they'll help you get set up with all the malware protection you need. You really, really should not use only one single anti-spyware application. It's not enough, and it's a matter of time before you get a keylogger on there that takes your credit card information and any other personal information you are typing on that keyboard.

    Go. Follow. The. Guide.


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