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Psp Official Info!

Discussion in 'Software' started by item.man, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. item.man

    item.man Private E-2

    fter months of speculation, Sony unveiled a single piece of concept art which indicates what its forthcoming PSP game deck might look like. At Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting, held today in New York City, the concept art of the PSP showed a thin, rounded rectangular handheld game deck with a 4.5-inch 16:9 letterbox LCD screen, sporting a snap-on cover and hand lanyard.

    Control-wise, the PSP concept model has a directional pad on one side and the traditional four PlayStation buttons on the other. Both are covered with the same slippery-looking finish as the deck's screen. As announced earlier this year, PSP games will come on Sony's 1.8GB, 60mm-wide Universal Media Discs, which will snap into the rear of the unit.

    These are the official Sony concept designs, are these final? no. are they likely to be final? yes


    The perfectly smooth face certainly looks sharp, although it raises questions about the ergonomics of the directional control. It looks as if it would be pretty easy to slip your thumb off the smooth surface and hit the power button underneath it. This concept also seems to be missing the analog stick that Sony confirmed would be part of the unit earlier this year, unless there's some sort of pop-up analog controller on the left side.

    This image provides more food for thought than facts upon which to base hard conclusions, however. i look forward to learning more odds and ends about the device leading up to its planned unveiling at next year's E3 exhibition.

    as you can see the system appears small by the keyring in the bottom left, the system could be tiny. Considering that the system has to power the 4.5" 16:9 screen and rotate the UMD discs all in a tiny package will be backed by some impressive portable power unit from sony (possibly cell phone or other lithium ion battery)


    some rumors were running around in that the system d-pad could be pressed to release an analog stick, but this is highly unlikely and may be provided in some future separate item, heres the spex, enjoy!

    UMD(Universal Media Disc)
    Laser Diode:660nm
    Dual Layer :1.8GB
    Transfer Rate:11Mbps
    Shock Proof
    Secure ROM by AES
    Unique Disc ID

    MIPS R4000 32bit Core
    128bit Bus
    333MHz @ 1.2V
    Main Memory :8MB(eDRAM)
    Bus Bandwidth :2.6GB/sec
    I-Cache, D-Cache
    FPU, VFPU (Vector Unit) @ 2.6GFlops
    3D-CG Extended Instructions

    PSP Media Engine
    MIPS R4000 32bit Core
    128bit Bus
    1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V
    Sub Memory:2MB(eDRAM) @ 2.6GB/sec
    I-Cache, D-Cache
    90nm CMOS

    PSP Graphics Core 1
    3D Curved Surface + 3D Polygon
    Compressed Texture
    Hardware Clipping, Morphing, Bone(8)
    Hardware Tessellator
    Bezier, B-Spline(NURBS)
    ex 4x4, 16x16, 64x64 sub-division

    PSP Graphics Core 2
    'Rendering Engine' + 'Surface Engine'
    256bit Bus, 1-166 MHz @ 1.2V
    VRAM :2MB(eDRAM)
    Bus Bandwidth :5.3GB/sec
    Pixel Fill Rate :664 M pixels/sec
    max 33 M polygon /sec(T&L)
    24bit Full Color:RGBA

    PSP Sound Core: VME
    Reconfigurable DSPs
    128bit Bus
    166MHz @1.2V
    5 Giga Operations /sec
    3D Sound, Multi-Channel
    Synthesizer, Effecter, etc

    AVC Decoder
    AVC(H.264) Decoder
    Main Profile
    Baseline Profile
    2Hours(High Quality) - DVD movie
    4Hours(Standard Quality) - CS Digital

    USB 2.0
    Memory Stick
    Extension Port(reserved)
    Stereo Head phone Out

    Wireless LAN (i802.11)
    USB 2.0
  2. Genius Boy

    Genius Boy The Examinator

    I think that one gets a thumbs down from me. I can't imagine trying to play a handheld device where you can't even feel the individual buttons. You'd have to look down to make sure that your fingers were on target.
  3. da chicken

    da chicken MajorGeek

    You're thumbs are less than an inch from the screen....

    And I imagine there will be enough tactile feedback to know.
  4. rockerz

    rockerz Private First Class

    i will wait to buy this
    the graphic rules here

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