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Question in regards to C:\$Recycle.Bin folder on Vista

Discussion in 'Software' started by Thy_Armageddon, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Thy_Armageddon

    Thy_Armageddon Private E-2

    So I've been using this computer for awhile, and with that I've deleted a lot of things from it and emptied my recycle be numerous times. With this being said I've realized since my first virus scan way back files that were emptied go here before before they are finally deleted. After awhile it seems this area has accumulated a lot and I have no idea how to get rid of any of it whatsoever. It has so many individual files it can drag virus scans on for way longer than they need to be.

    Long story short, could I get some help with cleaning this area out?
  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    What Antivirus software are you using?

    Do you get any error messages when trying to empty the bin?

    If you create a new folder and then delete it then empty the bin, does this new folder delete?

    Try booting to Safe Mode and try deleting the bin.

    The likes of Norton uses a Protected Recyclebin that can accumulate files like this so purge it clean http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nsw.nsf/docid/19979410721 if this software is on your system, if it is then from your other thread you also have AVG installed so remove it, you shoudl only have 1 Antivirus on your PC at once.

    Also to give your PC a cleanup use this too CCleaner

    And complete your malware removal that you have started here
  3. Thy_Armageddon

    Thy_Armageddon Private E-2

    I finished, everything seems to be find and there are no more traces of malware from any of the programs that were used.
  4. Thy_Armageddon

    Thy_Armageddon Private E-2

    Another problem I encounter is that my access is denied for a lot of things that it shouldn't be. There is only one account on this computer, the administrator, and there used to be two, but the computer itself says their are 5 user accounts, 2 of which are the system's accounts from which I read up on, but the others I can't access and I believe one is the remnants of the old account. However I can not use any administrative power to find out because my computer denies me access to user certain Command Prompt functions, opening certain folders, and in the past it has denied me access to end certain processes that have frozen up the computer, like iTunes tends to do on the occassion.
  5. fixrite

    fixrite Private E-2

    I am almost loathed to suggest this, because I find that sometimes trying to clear up one problem just leads to many more. That said, I have never had a problem using this method of accessing "locked" files.

    Your 'administrator' account needs to be 'unlocked' from the cmd.

    1) open cmd.exe
    2) get to the simple c:\>
    [I just keep typing cd.. in order to back up one level at a time, but I seem to remember seeing someone jump right back with just one command]
    3) type - net user administrator \active:yes
    4) retype (without the switch) - net user administrator

    You might want to turn it back off again after you are finished, because your computer is much more vulnerable to outside attacks if it remains on while you are surfing the web. To turn it off again,

    1) follow steps one and two above, if you are no longer in cmd.
    2) type - net user administrator \active:no

    When it comes to 'extra' accounts, I think you can just delete them (perhaps choosing to save the files - when windows prompts you to do so - they will be saved in a folder on the administrator's desktop.) One Caveat though, windows seems to have a special relationship with any file that it tags or calls 'Owner', I would not delete that one - and there will always only be one.

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