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Question Regarding Kodo's Post: "TIPS TO USE WHEN ASKING FOR SUPPORT"

Discussion in 'Software' started by LCH, May 20, 2003.

  1. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training

    Not being familiar with "computerese", I do not know what all of these specs mean. How do I find out what my own computer's specs are? I would like to add them to my signature if I can figure out what they are! TIA.

    Kodo's Example:

    Kodo's Specs:
    AMD 1800+
    384MB DDR
    40G Western Digital Hard Drive
    Toshiba DVD
    Lite on 24x.10x40 CDRW
    EPOX 8k7a motherboard
    Hercules GTXP
    3com 3xp NIC 10/100
    Hercules GeForce2 Ultra 64MB
  2. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

  3. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training


    I downloaded Aida32, as instructed but when I tried to install it, I got a window that said, "Open With....Click the program you want to use to open the file aida32pe_350zip". Then there was a list of programs to choose from, but I don't know which one to use for this - if any.

    Where should I go from here?
  4. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

  5. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Also, the System Info category at MajorGeeks http://www.majorgeeks.com/showfiles.php?cat=9&sort=5 has many system info tools that do tell you whats inside and quite a few freeware ones, but Aida is good. .zip files need a program to open them, as mentioned above. Often, many files are .exe and execute by double clicking them.

    Thats a good question, perhaps ill amend Kodos post to have this information in it. Thanks!
  6. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training


    When I saw the "open with" window, I inadvertantly clicked on one of the programs while intending to close that window. Now Aida32 is glued to a program that won't open it and I don't know what to do to reverse this situation! (I'm not even sure which program I clicked - I only know that the mouse slipped from the place I was pointing to and selected something so fast that I couldn't stop it!) Now, when I click on the Aida32 icon, nothing happens at all!

    Is there a way to uninstall this program and reinstall it from scratch? I tried downloading it again, but the new download only reattached itself to this accidental program. Bummer!
  7. Kodo


    hold the left shift button down and right click on the AIDA.ZIP file .. choose open with .. then choose the zip program that you downloaded and INSTALLED from the list of programs and check the box on the bottom left that says to associate files of this type with the selected program. then hit ok or apply etc. then try to open AIDA.
  8. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training


    Thanks for all your help. I installed winzip and successfully opened AIDA32.

    Unfortunately, I did not have a clue about what the results meant and I have the feeling that I'n in WAAAY over my head! I don't know if any of the information displayed in the AIDA report coresponds to the things listed in Kodo's example, but I am not finding my way through this. It seems that the deeper I get the murkier it all seems.:confused:

    I will try one of the other System Info downloads that Major Attitude suggested. Maybe one of those will make sense to me! ;)

    Thanks anyway to all of you for trying to help me. I will keep slugging my through the confusion and perhaps at last I will see some light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

  10. Draith

    Draith Private E-2

    hey LCH, maybe this'll help you out some. I'll try and give you a brief explanation of each of the specs given out in your posting, if you're still not clear on something, please ask:

    This is the operating system on the computer

    AMD 1800+
    This is the processor of the computer - aka the cpu or computer chip.

    384MB DDR
    This is the amount of RAM on the computer, in addition to the type of RAM.

    40G Western Digital Hard Drive
    The Harddrive - how much space it has and the manufacturer of the harddrive.

    Toshiba DVD
    The DVD drive manufacturer

    Lite on 24x.10x40 CDRW
    The CD drive in the computer with manufacturer, speeds (24x. 10x40) and the type of CD's the drive can "burn" RW

    EPOX 8k7a motherboard
    This is the motherboard that the computer uses and manufacturer (essentially the main component of the computer)

    Hercules GTXP
    No clue what this is...Kodo? :)

    3com 3xp NIC 10/100
    This looks like an ethernet card, 3com is the manufacturer, 10/100 refers to transfer speeds (10megabits per second/ 100 mbits per second)

    Hercules GeForce2 Ultra 64MB
    This looks like the graphics card on the computer.

    Heh, apparently I need to brush up on my computerese as well. I'm willing to bet that whatever I got wrong on this list will be cleared up by people in the know. I hope i wasn't speaking in a computerese you couldn't understand, but please say so if I was.

    o Draith
  11. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Nice bit of help there, thanks. I didnt think to do that. The Hercules in question (Hercules GTXP) is a Hercules Game Theater XP, a sound card.
  12. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training


    Draith! That's exactly what I needed! A GLOSSERY! :D Thanx a bunch! That clears up a lot.
  13. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training

    Is this right?

    OK, guys. I did a little research and came up with some information. Is this the kind of thing that you all are looking for? I couldn't get specs to match KODO'S exactly, but this comes pretty close:

    HP 6644D Computer
    Operating System - Windows 98
    Base Processor and Speed - Intel Celeron 600 MHz processor
    RAM - 64 MB SDRAM standard
    Hard Drive - 15 GB
    CDRW Drive: Speed - Write: 4x, Rewrite: 2x, Read: 24x

    Motherboard and Manufacturer ?????? Still Unknown (I suppose the manufacturer is HP)

    Network interface card - HP 10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)

    Thanks, ROBO for the website suggestion. That was a simple solution, and the page I found listed every minute detail of our computer, including the specialized componenets that were built in as part of corporate deal with my husband's company! There was far more info than I have listed here, but I only tried to match KODO's list.
    Last edited: May 21, 2003
  14. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    those are your system specifications. the only thing that seems missing would be a sound card.
  15. dalic

    dalic Private E-2

    prolly onboard :)
  16. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    thats what I was thinking
  17. LCH

    LCH "Geek" In Training

    Thanx for the encouragement, ROBO. I've had this computer for almost three years and always had the feeling that "it" is "the boss"! :eek: But the last few days have been kind of fun with swell people like you pointing the way. For the first time, I am having a small sense of being in control. Maybe if I hang out here for awhile, I'll really be a geek! :D

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