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quick question.............

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by earlwhite05, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. earlwhite05

    earlwhite05 Private First Class

    ok i have 2 dell computers and one of them has an on board ethernet and the other one dont, it has a standerd plug and play ethernet card.....i have 2 of them,and my dsl router only has 1 out put for internet connection,what im looking to do is try to run both on the same connection........can i put both cards in one computer and run it that way??? i dont have the money to buy another router.so any ideas????please help
  2. Unbanable

    Unbanable Specialist

    Sounds like without some sort of extra equipment, be it a router or switch or something, you aren't going to be able to do what you want to do. I believe there is a way to share an internet connection by connecting the two computers directly, but even that would take an extra piece or hardware, because you'd need to get another networking card, one for internet and one going to the other computer. I don't think I have a solution for ya that doesn't involve any extra hardware or equipment.
  3. matrixblue

    matrixblue Private E-2

    When you say DSL router do you mean DSL modem?

    There is not way to do what you want to do with the amount of equipment you have unles you're neglecting to mention that both laptops (I'm assuming that both are laptops) have wireless.

    The cheapest (but not the best) way is to get another ethernet nic whether it be usb or PCI. Then connect the pcs in a bus like this:

    DSL Router(Modem)
    PC One
    PC Two

    Set PC One (which should be the faster of the two) to use internet connection sharing and everything should be fine.

    I do recommend that you save $50 and just buy a linksys router

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