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RAM Coolers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dasmaz81, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. dasmaz81

    dasmaz81 Private E-2

    Are they worth it?
  2. ACE 256

    ACE 256 MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Overclocking Expe

    Not realy (if ya have good air flow in your case) in my opinion inless ya over volt your ram...but what and see what others think....
  3. DOA

    DOA MG's Loki

    System RAM? Nope, just buy good RAM and keep good air over them.
    Video card RAM? Yep, put on the little heat sinks, it helps.
  4. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    ive got a nice aluminium heat spreader on mine
    performance no different
    looks good through case window though and only a fiver
    so worth it for apearance but not if you want it for performance
  5. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    Ive got one... it looks preeedy! :) I can pretend ive got Corsair ram :p ive got the same as GLS, only on one stick at the momemnt (could afford two :()

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