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Re-Enable Right-Click When Web Pages Turn It Off

Discussion in 'Software' started by tboy34, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. tboy34

    tboy34 Private E-2

    In Internet Explorer 6 I use to be able to make a change in the internet settings so that I could save pictures that are blocked on a certain website I use. Does anyone know how to do this in Internet Explorer 7?
  2. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek


    The setting for Internet Explorer 7 is in roughly the same place.

    1. Select 'Internet Options' from the 'Tools' menu
    2. On the 'Internet Options' dialog, select the 'Advanced Tab'
    3. Under 'Settings' scroll down, and uncheck the box next to 'Show Pictures'
    4. Apply your settings.

    Internet Explorer should now stop pictures from loading.
  3. tboy34

    tboy34 Private E-2

    I will try this and let you know if it works. I really apprecite you're answering so quickly.
  4. elbiatcho1

    elbiatcho1 Specialist

    Or maybe enter the following in the address bar (while on the blocked webpage):

  5. tboy34

    tboy34 Private E-2

    I tried this and it didn't work. It cleared out the picture. So i wasn't able to right click on it to save it. I do remember there were two options in the internet settings that I would uncheck to be able to save blocked pictures. Does this ring a bell?
  6. musksnipe

    musksnipe Guest

    In cases like that, I usually take a screen shot of the page, then crop it in a photo editor.

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