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Reactivate windows xp after virus

Discussion in 'Software' started by sssteve72, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Private E-2

    So had some malware/virus troubles..

    Then I got this message saying I need to activate windows xp. Apparently the virus deleted the activation from the registry maybe??

    Anyway it gave me 3 days which I used up removing the malware. Then I couldn't log onto windows. I tried to activate at that point but it wouldn't connect to the internet. I booted into safe mode and typed in something in the run window to give myself another 30 days for the activation.

    Anyway do I just go ahead with the activation? It asked me for my name and address. I don't recall that when I installed windows a couple years back. This isn't just part of the virus is it?
  2. abekl

    abekl First Sergeant

    Your name and address are not part of the activation. I think you are still seeing the virus at work.
  3. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Private E-2

    Thats what I was thinking but all the scans are coming up clean. Rather I've ran thru the complete malware and virus removal and everything is coming up clean.

    But I am left with this activate windows message. I did reset it to 30 days which would appear to make it legitimate or I wouldn't have been able to reset it if it was part of the virus. Or at least I wouldn't think I would be able to.
  4. thisisu

    thisisu Malware Consultant

    I think you may be talking about the registration. That would ask you for some information.

    I never do that, just select the item that is somewhat related to "I do not wish to register at this time, let's just activate Windows".

    It is caused by the virus but I do not think there is an easy way around it other than re-entering the product key once you're clean.
  5. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Private E-2

    Thanks.. I got it taken care of. It wouldn't connect over the internet so I had to use the phone. I think the first time I tried I selected the method that asked for my name and address. Once it was activated I had to go online for the "genuine" part of it.. Sorry I may not be describing that correctly but it was rather confusing.
  6. thisisu

    thisisu Malware Consultant

    No problem. Glad you got it sorted out :)

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