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Realtek HD Audio Device Manager

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ACC04, May 17, 2008.

  1. ACC04

    ACC04 Private E-2

    Here is the problem.

    When I plug my headset into the front of my computer ( there are two jacks for a headset and mic ) I make sure they are in the correct jacks. Realtek pops up a box and I select "Headphones". I then went into Vent so I can chat with some people. Now I can hear them talking but when I went to talk the mic was not picking up my voice. I know it was not Vent because I also tried to record myself using the Windows Recorder. Also what I have noticed is that when I had the recorder running and I was in vent, I held down the talk button while someone else in vent was speaking, and then I played back the recorder because I wanted to see if I could hear myself. For some odd reason it recorded the person who was talking on vent.

    I have a brand new Alienware PC. All my drivers are updated, I checked and double checked. Nothing is muted, I checked and double checked. The headset works, I checked on another PC and I could use the mic and hear with no problems. I also have Windows Vista 32bit.
  2. musksnipe

    musksnipe Guest

    Not sure about this because I don't use a headset, but right click your Volume icon and select Sounds. Then click the Recording tab and check to see if you can select Vent for your Microphone.
  3. ACC04

    ACC04 Private E-2

    No luck.

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