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Reboot/Restart Prob

Discussion in 'Software' started by deegazzo, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. deegazzo

    deegazzo Private First Class

    Hello Again,

    I'm asking a question for my sis-in-law. She has a HP running Win Vista. Her virus is Norton and using Win Defender for firewall. This is the prob, she cannot reboot or restart at all. When she tries it does as supposed to, shuts down but does not come back on. According to lights on tower, it is on but she gets a black screen. When it does not come back on she is shutting down the pc manually, waits 20 secs and turns it back on, mosttimes it does not come back on and takes her a few attempts before getting back to norm. Is there anything I can tell her that might help?

  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    Try this: try shutting down using the "Restart" option, right after the HP logo disappears, start pressing the F8 key. You should get a Windows Boot Options menu. Select "Safe Mode" and see if this works. If so, then the problem may be a flakey video driver. Without more detailed info about the PC (exact model number, hardware information, etc) it's hard to post anything really accurate, but you can try reinstalling the video driver and see if that helps. The problem could also be a failing hard drive. You can download a free diagnostic program from the hard drive manufacturer's web site (this is NOT the HP site; HP does not make hard drives). To find out which company made the hard drive, go to the Device Manager, click the little plus sign next to "Disk Drives" and it should say the manufacturer. If you only get a model number like ST3250620AS (for example), you can simply type the model number in to Google to find the manufacturer. The first letters generally tell you who made the drive: ST is Seagate; IC, ICS, HT, HTS, HTC, HDT, HDS, HGS are Hitachi; WD is Western Digital; HE, HD are usually Samsung, etc.
  3. deegazzo

    deegazzo Private First Class

    oh sorry it's been so long since i've been able to answer this but yes that did help her then lol
    new prob tho, her pc was brung to me for fixing over the past weekend. i discovered no firewall (she musta took it off), i ran avg/superantispyware/malwayre all together there were over 75 trogans found not to mention an astronomical amount of spyware. in running each program her pc kept shutting itself off completely. it took alot of time but i was able to (i thought) clean her pc of all, yesterday went to re-run scans to be sure and now her pc will not turn on. when i first turn it on it will get to the part where it is "loading" microsoft (before the login screen) and then it just shuts down. to me i think her h/d is fried but am wondering if there is anything further i can do. i know ya'll need pc specs so gonna try off top of head as i can't get it on.
    she has a HP Pavilion Slimline, (i think) 64 bit dual core processor, she is set on ram i will try to get it on again to be able to give more info oh her os is Win Vista.

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