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Reccomend a Game!

Discussion in 'Software' started by Phalxor, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Phalxor

    Phalxor Private E-2

    OK before you bring up your mental list. I have played alot of games, when I say this I do not mean console, or "Steam-games" on pc. Freeware\opensource is my domain of choice. Another thing to consider is the computer itself, specs below

    2000era Sony Vaio
    Model PCG-F420

    Memory=192mb - 1x64 1x128

    Video=Neomagic 2mb onboard, this does not support D3D and anything with OPENGL render kills it(rly slow), so software rendering is pretty much a must. tip - lags on Quake 1 higher resolutions

    CPU= p3 400-500 mhz


    Onto the games I have already
    couple 2d mmo's that suck ftmp(for the most part)
    Quake 1
    Doom with zdaemon

    /games installed

    i'm thinking about Quake2 because I'm nearly positive it has S/W rendering
    I don't want to play diablo 2(nor 1) on here, even though it might work somewhat..(remembers lag on old desktop with better specs)

    p.s. java and flash games are acceptable but both need to be pretty minimalistic cause they lag me pretty bad, best game i found for either was Nodiatis some browser mmo.

    Thanks for readin'!
  2. tonyw

    tonyw Private E-2

    One you might be interested is Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online. You can figure that with your specs you may get a bit of lag from time to time, but you will also get some quality play time. Don't sweat it. You'll enjoy it.
    LOTRO is a game in which you create up to seven characters. You level up by doing quests and deeds. It's about 70% soloable, while you'll need a fellowship of three to finish up the rest. Fellowships are real easy to come by - just read the chat board and sooner or later one you're interested in will come up and you can join. A better option is to join a Kinship. Every Kinship, including the one I am an Officer in offers help to it's members. Voice chat is available. Ive been a gamer for years and this one is the only one that really feels like I'm part of a real adventure. Turbine must have some of the worlds greatest graphics developers because the realism is out of this world. A tree looks like a tree. A brick wall, grass, horses, other players, everything is rendered for realism. Send me a PM if you're interested. Right now they're giving away free game time and have cut the monthly price in half. If you like it go for a lifetime subscription - one bill, one time and other than the rare paid expansion you'll be done spending money.
  3. Phalxor

    Phalxor Private E-2

    is this different than the very popular lotro? which I believe has fairly advanced 3d graphics. if this is the case I am disappointed you chose to

    A. spam this thread with your dirty personal requests
    B. not even actually take a moment to read my post
    C. unrelated, no link provided so I guess I will do some googling of "turbines lotro" and get back to you with an apology if its some totally rad low-spec mmo game. which I have a feeling isn't the case.
  4. Phalxor

    Phalxor Private E-2

    well it let me hit the edit button and write a followup edit but I couldnt publish it in time for the 10 minute limit so consider this appended to my other post


    quick update\edit - you're a jerk\noob (sorry if I am breaking some rules here) but good lord, its like you didn't read a single word of my thread besides the title

    official specs are

    bare minimum system requirement for LotRO:

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz or equivalent FAIL
    Video: 64MB NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 FAIL by far
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0c FAIL
    OS: Windows XP PASS!
    RAM: 512 MB FAIL
    Disk Space: 7 GB available FAIL Forgot to put this originally - max hd space is 6gb
    Internet: 56kbps Modem PASS!
    Optical Drive: 2x DVD-ROM FAIL

    p.s. If I was an admin I'd ban the smackoutaya
  5. tonyw

    tonyw Private E-2

    Something wrong here? Your post sat for a while before anybody even read it. I read it. I'm the guy who got Lotro to work on Ubuntu. I know the game calls for the sky but will work on lots less. I have it running on a basic Asus B202 EEBox.
    Dirty personal requests? What in hell are you talking about. I didn't ask for anything. I read your post and offered you a possible solution. Your replies are totally out of line not to mention disrespectful and insulting. If you knew anything about LOTRO you'd know that you can throttle everything down to a bare crawl.
    This is how you treat an honest attempt to offer something you obviously hadn't researched.
    If the mods have a problem they, not you will recommend action taken against me.
    You sir are a b---h--e and are at the top of my people I ignore list. Rude, disrectful, and more. You must be a diplomat for some hostile country.
    Sir, I hope you enjoy yourself as you proceed straight to that very hot place deep in the bowels of the Earth. Anywhere near bowels is where I am sure you'll be most comfortable.
  6. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Lighten up. People were making conversation fromt he question you asked. You could have handled this better, instead you spent most of the time talking to yourself. Keep your alter ego in the closet. Thanks.

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