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Recovering Yahoo Messenger Password

Discussion in 'Software' started by mcpp66, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. mcpp66

    mcpp66 Private E-2

    Hello. I need to recover my password for Yahoo Messenger (don't remember which version it is, but it's definitely a recent one). I tried the freeware tools from the site but none of them worked. The description for messenpass listed Yahoo Messenger but it doesn't work on that. Does anyone know of any other tools or ways to recover that password? I simply tried to reset it through Yahoo, but I don't remember the answer to my secret question. If you know of any shareware utilities that will definitely work on Yahoo messenger I'll gladly pay for it. Thank you.
  2. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    I don't think you are going to get advise on how to do that here, as it opens up the way for people to gain access to Yahoo accounts that they are not entitled to - like other peoples'.

    I guess you have two options...email Yahoo and explain and see what they can do for you, or open a new account.

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