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Remember Deborah Kerr?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by legalsuit, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    Just read that Deborah Kerr, star from the old Hollywood era died at 86 years on Tuesday in Suffolk, England.

    For those unfamiliar with this actress, perhaps you may have seen that old 1993 movie, "Sleepless in Seattle" (with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan), where references were made to parallel the couple's meeting at the top of the Empire State Building, New York just like in the classic love story 1957 movie, "An Affair to Remember (starred Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant).

    She also starred in "From Here to Eternity" with Burt Lancaster...that kiss on the beach scene is a classic...a scene often copied in other movies, satires and ads which makes me smile each time I see the imitations.

    She was made a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) by the Queen in 1998.

    Another actor from the old Hollywood era gone.
  2. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    Yes, especially in "The King and I", with Yul Brynner (one of my favourite actors). :cry :( Bazza
  3. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    <Yul Brynner was one of my old favourites also...looked just like my dad...except for being bald.:)>

    Although I have a range of likes, I do enjoy watching the old classics with the old movie stars, so kind of feel like losing an old friend when one dies.:(
  4. kidkat

    kidkat Private E-2

    I loved her in a "An Affair To Remember"
  5. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    That's a classic...heard/seen it referred to in so many contemporary movies too..."Sleepless in Seatle" is an example:)
  6. kidkat

    kidkat Private E-2

    "I was looking up, it was the nearest thing to heaven"' when she got creamed in NY, or at least that is what I remember..
  7. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    :DThat is the most quoted line...any movie that shows the players watching that scene from "An affair to remember" mouth that same line before bawling into a dish of popcorn in front of the TV (eg, that scene from "Sleepless in Seattle"). Gets 'em everytime.;)
  8. Phantom

    Phantom Brigadier Britches

    I also remember Deborah Kerr from 'The King and I', and other movies. Yul Brynner is also a fav. of mine, from the so-called Golden Era of movies.

    Another silver screen icon has left us, but she will be as real as life every time we lose ourselves in one of their movies. Yup - fantasy escape is good for the mind and spirit, so to speak, i.m.h.o. ;) Sometimes a bummer when reality has to click in sooner or later, though. :hammer
  9. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    I reckon I enjoy the "golden era of movies" because I found that much was left to the imagination (mine always went riot) LOLand not so graphic as contemporary movies (mind you, I enjoy today's movies too)...particularly when it came to some of those old "horror" movies (remember Vincent Price;))...or maybe I just have a fairly active imagination;):D

    Plus dad was a movie buff...and he used to hire the old movies (guess that's how I've been influenced:))...I particularly used to love the old Charlie Chaplin silent movies...I can see today's slapstick as mere reflections of that loveable "Tramp".
  10. kidkat

    kidkat Private E-2

  11. Phantom

    Phantom Brigadier Britches

    I'm still fond of the old Vincent Price movies (e.g. the original 'House of Wax' (Not the recent remake)). I still like the ol' 'Hammer House of Horror', too. Can't get into the ultra-gory hack and slash genre of modern horrors. Unless it has a real good story-line/acting, which they usually don't.

    Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney. Jr were good as well. Okay, so the special effects are a laugh sometimes, but I still kind of like them.
  12. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    Yeah...LOL...his voice was pretty unique (not sure if he is still around)...many have tried to imitate his voice but imo just doesn't quite cut it (pardon the pun):D
  13. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    Dad used to hire all those and others too.

    "House of Wax"...I used to peep between my fingers watching that as a kidLOL. Can't get into the "ultra-gory hack and slash genre" of modern horrors myself either...but some of today's movies use the old "up to your imagination" techniques and I thoroughly enjoy those ones.

    Boris Karloff used to scare me as a kid, then I saw him on some documentary and he really is a sweet, gentle person...just the face didn't match.LOL He used to have his own horror shows I saw on repeats...weren't bad either.

    As for Lon Chaney...I only enjoyed him in the old "Hunchback of Notre Dame", but I thought the version starring Charles Laughton was better.

    Used to enjoy the old comedy duos, like Abbott and Costello and Laurel and Hardy (whom I used to call "Fatty and Skinny"...so politically incorrect now :D).

    You're a bit of a movie buff too Phantom...most people don't know these old artists...even though they have been imitated in satires and modern cartoons.
  14. obnoxious

    obnoxious Corporal

    It appears this month is hitting movie buffs extra hard with the great actors and actresses falling by the wayside. This month has seen
    Carol Bruce (actress) -- Dead. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Died October 9, 2007. Born November 15, 1919. Stage actress, Moma on WKRP in Cincinnati. IBDB IMDb
    leave us taking a part of radio with her( WKRP TV sitcom).:cry
    Also going by the way is
    Joey Bishop (comedian) -- Dead. Died October 17, 2007. Born February 3, 1918. Last surviving Rat Packer, had a late night talk show for two years that succumbed to The Tonight Show.
    who is now back with the rest of the gang,Frank,Sammy,Dean and Peter.:cool
    Las Vegas is forever changed except for Wayne Newton.:drool

    Others that went this month are;
    Teresa Brewer (singer) -- Dead. Neuromuscular disease. Died October 17, 2007. Born May 7, 1931. '50s pop star, sang "Music, Music, Music". IMDb Obituary FindAGrave
    Wonderful singer she was and will be remembered for.;) :heart

    George Grizzard (actor) -- Dead. Lung cancer. Died October 2, 2007. Born April 1, 1928. Star of stage (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, A Delicate Balance), screen (Advise and Consent, Flags of Our Fathers) and TV (The Adams Chronicles, Law and Order). IBDB IMDb :guns

    And one more important figure you don't hear about in their profession was
    Robert Bussard (physicist) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 6, 2007. Born August 11, 1928. Inventor of the Bussard ramjet, a space drive powered by hydrogen fusion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bussard_ramjet :zzz

    these files were coppied from http://www.dpsinfo.com/dps/ and yes I have had the pleasure of viewing them over the years except the last person.Television is a wonderful medium to bestow a little warmth and knowledge onto a person who otherwise wouldn't have a clue what it's like to go beyond the outer limits of imagination.
    Obnoxious Fred ranted 2day:confused
  15. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    Good bit of research and info obnoxious!:)

    Yes…lots of the old ones have gone, but we do have so many wonderful actors today to keep us entertained.

    • Joey Bishop, remember him mainly as being part of the "Rat Pack", which also starred in 1960’s “Ocean’s 11” (Ocean’s movies now remade with George Clooney…gotta admit, love today’s versions;)).

    • I remember Carol Bruce starring with Abbott & Costello in an army spoof.

    • George Grizzard, even though he had a range of other movies, I mainly remember him starring with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in “From the Terrace".
  16. obnoxious

    obnoxious Corporal


    Here is a link to the Charlie Chaplin 1921 movie 'The Kid' full length version.


    A link to Abbott and Costello titles and such


    The internet is such a wonderful medium for getting much info.

    If I may be so bold as to ask , In what year did your father's wife give birth to a future lawyer? :eek: :innocent
  17. legalsuit

    legalsuit Legal Eagle

    Thanks for those links! Really love that "Tramp" too! "The Kid" was one of his best...and in his own inimitable way, so poignant

    As for the year...roflmao...never ask a female her age, you can't always rely on an honest answer.;) However, I haven't reached the age yet when it's only celebrated according to those born each Leap Year.:D...I just happen to enjoy the old classics through Dad's influence I guess (it was a cheap form of family entertainment within his meagre earnings).:)

    Er...no...you ain't getting an answer:D

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