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Removal of READ ONLY from CD disks -- not hard disks

Discussion in 'Software' started by rodell, May 21, 2008.

  1. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    :( Have searched in vain, including hereon, to find means of copying (Excel) file from hard drive to CD-ROM disks of all types. The READ ONLY stops it very effectively.

    Googling includes half-dozen methods but most if not all apply to hard drive removal and that I've done.

    The disk Properties uncheck of Read Only is meaningless. When do so and then try copying, same interference. Back to Properties only to find the click has mysteriously been reinserted.

    A KB at MSN explains why the Read Only is there and even suggests various removal instructions. Found these much above my limited tech savvy.

    Will appreciate learning a simple means of doing this from any of you more knowledgeable volunteer support specialists.
  2. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    CD-R=Read only after written

    CD-RW Read/Rewritable, but to do a drag/save to drop sort of thing, you need packet writing software.
  3. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Thank you Adrynalyne for prompt response.

    I understand the difference between CD-R & RW, but apparently (according to various Google references) READ ONLY can be removed from both. It's just how to do it that I get hopelessly out of my depth.

    "Packet writing" software doesn't bring me to the surface either! Perhaps that's the program I downloaded to remove READ ONLY from the hard drive.
    It doesn't allow entry of CD disk to be source however.

    If there's some other packet software useful for CDs please advise.
    And if you are referring to something else please elucidate.

  4. davismccarn

    davismccarn Corporal

    Once anything has been written to either CD-R or R/W media, its properties will ALWAYS be read only. With CD-R, you can add a new "session" which is effectively a whole new filesystem handled in a special way, mostly because the standards for multisession CD's are from the early 1990's. With CD-R/W AND UDF, you can use third party software such as Roxio's Drag to Disk which will reformat the "packets" used by the file and rewrite the newer version; but, not with Explorer. The user drags the file to the Drag to Disk icon and the Roxio software handles it in the background.
    Here is a link with more info: http://aumha.org/win5/a/xpcd.php
  5. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Packet writing software allows the read only attribute to be removed. But it does require the software to write, and many times, read.
  6. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Are you trying to copy an Excel file from HD to CD and it won't let you write it to disc?

    Can you make a copy of the excel file on your HD, uncheck Read-Only and write that copy to disc?
  7. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    1. Is your CD drive a burner? (I ask because sometimes people discover the drive in the computer only reads CDs and can't write to them)
    2. What burning program are you using? Name and version number

    If you don't have a burner and you don't have burning software, to save a copy of the Excel file, you can always put it on a USB stick drive (or if you have a floppy drive yet, onto a floppy).
  8. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Hi sach2, MSGT

    Thanks for your reply. I am indeed trying to copy/save from HD to CD.
    It won't let me write to it on basis of Read Only.
    The copy is of course on the HD, but when you say " uncheck..", I take it to refer to the HD. If so I've alreadyu run a program which removes the Read Only from it. Problem is removal from the CD. As per early response, unchecking from CD Properties only lasts until try to copy whereupon the Read Only box has been mysteriously rechecked.
  9. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Hi plodr, Major Geek.

    1. Yes this Dell Inspiron 1505 has CD burner;
    2. No idea of name/version; presume in manual, but it's in FL I'm in France. As just out of warranty, asking at Dell support becomes a big deal.

    Indeed I have/use USB thumb drive, and when in FL, also backup/copy to floppy. Precaution after precaution! To lose that file would be, for lack of better word, catastrophic.

    Besides, it's irritating not to be able to use CDs to copy files of any kind, and I certainly was unaware of their "default setup for music", and consequences in adapting. And as only accustomed to easy copying to floppies not requiring any messaing about adds to my difficulties.

    Appreciate your reply.
  10. davismccarn

    davismccarn Corporal

    I believe your 1505 came with Sonic's recording suite and you have to learn how to use it in order to replace the older file on a CD/RW. You will never be able to do it in Explorer. The Sonic software will let you replace existing files on the CD; but, Explorer will always say they are read only. Capiche?
  11. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Greetings Arydyne, Moderator & Davismccarn, PFC.

    The URL provided is best described as the bible of CD setup and use and troublshooting. I'm grateful to have it. Did a 5-page printout for future reference.

    As I understand it, on CDs (both R & RW) which have been setup for data files - by Sonic or similar programs - removal of Read Only problems should not arise.

    True or not, I still have that Read Only obstruction on my half-dozen CDs concerned. Most have existing data files (Excel spreadsheet) which I assume demonstrates they are not at Audio default setup.

    I can only hope for a simple means of resolving the situation.

    Thank you both. RO, E2
  12. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Regret no capiche!

    Indeed, Sonic is included and I did use it, although it would be an exaggeration to say I am familiar with it. I found it obtuse, undoubtedly due to my own shortcomings.

    Is not the evidence of presence of data files on CDs confirmation of Sonic treatment?
  13. davismccarn

    davismccarn Corporal

    The mechanism used by the packet writing software (Sonic, in this case) is that it will reformat the areas used by the old version, then write the new version. Because XP has no, built in, support for packet writing, it will always report the file as read only and you won't be able to write the newer version using Explorer's built in functions.
    I don't use Sonic; but, think you need to look in the help files for how to use the DLA (Drive Letter Access) functions.
  14. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire


    I have to admit I'm still confused as to What is Read_Only. The properties of the CD drive? or the properties of the Excel file?

    Here is something to try. Get CDBurnerXp. Choose Data CD. Browse to your file in the top pane and then drag it to the bottom pane. Insert a new unformatted CD-R. Click burn.

    This will bypass Sonic, DLA and packet writing. You should have a permanent copy of the file on a no-rewritable disc for about 25 cents. You won't be able to change the file or add to the disc but it should be readable on any Windows machine.
  15. davismccarn

    davismccarn Corporal

    He wants to use DLA on CD/RW media so he can copy the newer version of the Excel file onto an existing CD. What he hasn't had click is that the file will still always say read only in Explorer.
  16. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Apprehensive as to possible excessive length of this thread coupled with recognition I'm getting beyond my competence level!

    That said, as to latest from DAVISMCCARN, unsure of " What he hasn't had click is that the file will still always say read only in Explorer".

    Whatever, my concern is only in being able to copy/burn, save as, or by any other method to copy a file from HD to any CD. Regardless of what IE says.

    SACH2: Read Only is definitely and only on CDs. It is not on Excel or HD.

    Without touching Sonic, I downloaded CDBurnerXp on the supposition it is compatible with Vista.
    Have spent last hour lost somewhere in cyber space trying to use it.
    "Browse...Drag from top pane, burn to lower" is for someone who knows what he's doing, and that's not me.

    First, I could not get the file-to-be-copied on to the CDBurnerXp program, and none of the items in the top pane enabled me to do so.

    Next, had I succeeded, all new CDs I have are already formatted. Perhaps they can be unformatted but I didn't get that far to find out.

    Finally, your info as to file when copied cannot be added to or changed is a real downer.
    My spreadsheet file changes/updates monthly. No intent to change the one already copied, but do have plenty of disk memory to keep adding them for all 12 calendar months.
    It's an advantage not to overwrite file and easy to change name in order to avoid doing so.

    Unrelated to the foregoing, 2 CD-R and 1 CD-RW disks that somehow or other do have a single data file, cannot be added to (because of READ ONLY) nor can they be reformatted.
    They get almost done when box appears saying cannot be finally formatted, or words to that effect.

    And so it goes!
  17. davismccarn

    davismccarn Corporal

    With the traditional burning programs, you can either navigate to the folder or file you want to burn or you can run it non-maximized then drag anything you want burned into the window. Yes, this can be cumbersome until you get used to it.
    The DLA software, on the other hand, works completely differently and, as I said, you need to look in the help file for how to use it. With Roxio's Drag to Disk, there is an icon down by the clock and you simply drag the file onto that icon.
    I have not used Sonic's in a long time; but, I think it is similar and you don't open the main burning software to use it.
    With DLA or Drag to Disk, that software takes care of the rewrite function using a process that is not built in to Windows and is transparent to you, the user.
    Personally, I hate CD/RW's and always use plain, old CD-R's. I can get them for about 10 cents each, write the new version of my whole backup, and break then throw away the old ones. CD/RW's take forever to format and are more prone to scratches because you keep using them.
  18. rodell

    rodell Private First Class

    Hi davismccarn:

    If nothing else, you've about convinced me I should forego saving/copying to any CDs. More-and-more I understand lesss-and-less.

    I can't even bring up Roxio, nor its drag-to-disk, although there are a multitude of Roxio entries when I Search.

    I do recall using it sometime ago,but it is not at my All Programs, nor incl at Ctrl Panel Programs & Features.
    As you know better than I, Sonic is part of Roxio, or vice versa.

    I've given up on removing READ ONLY from CDs.

    Without intending any obligation, if you can provide specific path to put my file onto where it must be in order to drag to the icon, I'll be much obliged.
    If not, for whatever reason, I'll give up on using CDs.

    Many thanks!
  19. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    1. Start whatever burning program you want to use.
    2. Select create data CD.
    3. A pane will come up and you can select files that you want to add to the CD
    4. When you have all the files you want to put on the CD, select Burn.
    5. A window comes up with settings. Make sure the following are selected
    a) Close the session
    b) let the CD open
    The a) option means that all your files can be read on any computer you put the disk in. If you don't close the burning session, any computer will tell you the CD is blank and won't see any files. The b) option means that you can continue to add files to the CD until the 750MB are used. You can keep doing burning sessions t different times; always closing that session when you burn. If you close the CD, no more files can be added so if you only burn 100MBs then you have over 600MB that you will never be able to use. (I have some CDs like that. :( )
    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE FILES ON THE CD APPEARING AS READ ONLY. You are worrying about nothing. I put a CD in with files that say read only - that means I can't alter them on the CD - that isn't a problem because I work with them on my computer.
    I right click the file drag a copy to my desktop and I can work on it without a problem. When I'm done, I can give it another name and burn it to a CD, if I choose to.

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