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Running autorun.inf manually

Discussion in 'Software' started by kevinkhrg, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. kevinkhrg

    kevinkhrg Private E-2

    I'm running 32-bit Windows XP SP3. Several months ago Majorgeeks helped me clean out a vicious trojan, and afterwards I followed the recommended steps for self-protection, which included disabling autoruns.

    Since then, whenever installing software from a CD I just run Setup.exe manually because the autorun.inf doesn't run. But now I have a problem, I have a new printer and the autorun.inf doesn't just run Setup, it has about 2 pages of code in it - and running Setup.exe manually fails in the end. If I try to 'Run' the autorun.inf file it just displays the contents in Notebook.

    So my question is, how do I manually run the 'autorun.inf' file?

  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    What is your new printers make and model as many have updates on the makers support site that dont need to run from CD or autorun.inf (plus the CD version maybe out of date version also)?

    When it fails do you get an error message and if so what?

    Can you right click the .inf file and choose Install?

    or you can re-enable on a temp basis Autoruns HERE and also then there is the option on same page to disable Autoruns again once you have installed your driver.
  3. kevinkhrg

    kevinkhrg Private E-2

    Thanks very much for the reply.

    My printer is an HP deskjet D1663, actually I've never had anything but problems with HP products but this was a gift...

    First I tried right-clicking the autorun.inf and clicking Install, but this immediately gives a Windows error box 'installation failed'.

    I tried the MS Fix-it at the link you suggested to re-enable Autoruns. It runs fine and says it's finished and I reboot, but still the Autorun on the CD does not run when I re-insert the CD.

    I went to the HP support website which shows links to pages to download software and drivers for this printer, but when I click on those links it says 'page not available' every time. Typical of HP...

    Unfortunately I didn't note the exact error message the first time, but it was right at the very end when everything had been installed, the printer was connected and it said it was 'configuring the product'. Then it seems to sit dead for a long time, then says something like hpzsetup.exe failed or timed out, and that it will uninstall everything. It says it's uninstalling, then reboots, but actually the software remains installed and I can use the printer, though sometimes it seems to lock up my internet connection. When I manually used the HP Uninstall software it worked, but the same error occurs on re-install.

    To get the exact error message I tried re-installing this time with an active internet connection. It says 'downloading updates' as the first step, then suddenly it just stops running and the whole thing disappears from the screen. So I tried again without an internet connection, and now when it starts running it says 'checking system' and then suddenly stops running and disappears again. If I check the Task Manager, it simply isn't there.
  4. kevinkhrg

    kevinkhrg Private E-2

    Just an update... I moved from the UK HP site to the US HP site, and found the updated drivers and software there. This time it worked and the install completed successfully. Though it still doesn't resolve the question of how to run an autorun again in the future.
  5. Blueheeler

    Blueheeler Private E-2

    The Microsoft download site have an Autorun Repair Wizard available for XP. A google search for the wizard will bring up a link for you. Cheers.

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