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Running Combofix without boot up into vista recovery environment

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by maroon79, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. maroon79

    maroon79 Private E-2

    Hi all,

    I'm after some advice. I'm currently running through vista cleaning guide after downloading Vundo hidden in a codec.

    I'm at the combofix step and the instructions say I need to boot up in vista recovery environment using a windows dvd I dont have. :-o

    How dangerous is it for me to use combofix in normal startup? Would I be better of skipping to the mgtools step.

    I've attached my first 2 logs (SAS and mb) in case they make a difference.

    Thanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated.

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  2. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    Just run ComboFix without worrying about the RC. It is a safety net but it is rarely needed. You should look into getting the CD for your PC as you may need it some day. Some malware can break your PC and having the CD and Recovery Console available could be a life saver.
  3. maroon79

    maroon79 Private E-2

    Hi all,

    Back in October I downloaded Vundo onto my htpc hidden in a codec. The symptoms included pop-ups, web pages being diverted, and virus infection warnings. I performed the steps in the READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide and (wrongly) assumed the problem had gone as the initial symptoms disappeared.

    Since then I have been having increasing cpu usage and seek noise @ idle. Combined with an ever more slowly running pc. I'm convinced I've had something nasty growing for a while.

    I have attached the old logs although I realize they may be obselete. Can you please advise me on the next steps to take?

    I would have started a more appropriately named thread but was unable to as I had already posted 2 of the 4 logs here

    Any help would be much, much appreciated.

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  4. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    I'm sorry but we cannot help you based on logs that are 7 months old. We need to know the status of your PC right now. You need to start the cleaning procedure over again and create all new logs. You MUST make sure you update the programs we ask you to scan with since you will also be way out of date. Note to properly update SUPERAntiSpyware, you will need to uninstall it. And then download, install, and update the current version.
  5. maroon79

    maroon79 Private E-2

    Thanks for the heads up, I had a feeling the logs wouldn't be much use... I just wanted to double check. Attached are the new logs. I had some trouble completely disabling my AVG 8.5 when I ran combofix... aparrently it's a common problem. I hope that wont impact too much.

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  6. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    Your logs are clean but I do suggest that you delete the below file:


    Please explain what operations are slow! For example answer the below:
    • Is boot up slow?
    • Is shutdown slow?
    • Is browsing/surfing slow?
    • Is downloading slow?
    • Is running any application?
    • Is it also slow in safe boot mode?
    • Also are any process showing in Task Manager to be using a lot of CPU time?
    • Anything else slow?

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