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Runtime Error

Discussion in 'Software' started by stevedross, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. stevedross

    stevedross Private E-2

    Hey everyone,
    Recently, I've been trying to either right click or left click on mpeg files on a couple of different drives on my computer. Everytime I do, I get the following message Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libary C:\WINNT\Eplorer.exe

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    Thanks in advance
    Steve Ross
  2. Goran.P

    Goran.P MajorGeek

    what you run on your comp?OS,give us some info.
    And post the original message,exactly how it shown, on your desktop.
  3. stevedross

    stevedross Private E-2

    I work at a public access tv station and converted some of our shows on DVD to mpeg files using a program called Womble. Everything played back fine until yesterday when the attached message showed up. I'm running WindowsXP Professional with Service Pack 2

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2007
  4. stevedross

    stevedross Private E-2

  5. baklogic

    baklogic MajorGeek

  6. stevedross

    stevedross Private E-2

    Could find "Free Download Manager" on my system.

  7. baklogic

    baklogic MajorGeek

    From further looking around, it seems that several things can cause this problem -PDF, photoshop, ADOBE, ZONE ALARM, and possibly more.
    If you right click My Computer, click manage, click Event Viewer, click application, you should see an exclamation(yellow triangle (or, 2, or, 3, o, more). If you double click these yellow tringles it will give you a fault / cause.
    If you post them back here, we might be able to help further.
    Otherwise, I advse disabling add-ons in Internet Explore, to see if it is an add on that is causing the problem - apparently it does not appear to be the operating system (microsoft say that in their replies to this problem )
  8. baklogic

    baklogic MajorGeek

    Try uninstalling Free download manager.
  9. stevedross

    stevedross Private E-2

    Nothing suspicious showed in the Event Viewer. One thing however, a few weeks ago I "Ghosted" my C: drive to another internal drive. When I booted to that drive and selected one of the mpeg files everything was fine. Could it be in my registry, if so, how can I import the good registry into what could possibly be the bad one, and what are the pitfalls of doing so?


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