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Salvage files on Win 2000

Discussion in 'Software' started by Johner, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    This is for my friend, not for me. I never had Win 2000 before and it look alot like win me or 98, little bit of XP. Anyway, he have two computers. He brought new cd rw and win 2000 didnt detect any new hardware, as it seem ingore it. Dunno why, but his older pc is HP 6000 series, I think 6478 something. It 400mhz, 64mb or 96mb ram. Around 5 yrs old lol. He want to move that older harddrive with win 2000 to newer PC which run on Win XP to copy files from win 2000 to XP. I know win XP cannot work on different motherboard but Win 95, 98, ME does detect new drivers on different motherboard without needing to format. So is it possible to save files on win 2000 as secondary while running Win XP on primary at different motherboard which Win XP is already running on? He want to format his older harddrive and install win 98 after saving files off from win 2000. Btw why didnt win 2000 detect drivers for cd rw? I never use win 2000, does it have on/off auto-detect somewhere? He just only have nero5 burner cd software. When I clicked window explorer, it doesnt show D:\ but does show A:\ or C:\. I went into device manager, nothing about cdrw there, even I had it to scan for new hardware change, it said no new hardware detect. So when I removed cdrw drive and put his cdrom back in, went back in window explorer, it show d:\ on list. Look like it doesnt accept other drives but only it manfactuer's? Hope I get answers before I go back there to help him tomorrow. thanks
  2. lsemmens

    lsemmens Private E-2

    See if I understand you correctly

    If I understand you correctly you wish to copy files saved on a drive with Win2000 to a drive that is operating on Win XP. If this is so then very easy as both Operating sysetms will read FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.

    If I get this right, you are going to install the Win2K drive in the WinXP system as a slave. You could then copy the files using explorer, and do, whatever with the drive.

    To your other comments, Win 2k does autodetect peripherals, drives, modems etc. The difficulty is that some of the software may not be written for win2k so the item may not work, check the manufacturers web sit for appropriate drivers, That said, WinXP also may not support many older legacy devices that we take for granted using W98 or W2K

    I hope this helps
  3. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    great, I can use win xp on primary to access win 2000 on slave. I found firmware for cd rw on site, I am going try to see if it work this afternoon. Does win 2000 have cd rw program like win xp? Like "Write these files to cd" after copy/paste or drag files? Or do I really need to install nero burner software?
  4. fleppen

    fleppen Gumshoe

    you need to install Nero.

    I'd install Nero on WinXP as well as XP's burning software sucks.
  5. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    whew I make it, now it working with cdrw running on nero burner on win 2000. thanks

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