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Sandboxie / Secure Delete

Discussion in 'Software' started by cobrajet431, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. cobrajet431

    cobrajet431 Private First Class

    I've been trying out Sandboxie on my Win2K. You can delete the contents of the sandbox, but it is not a secure delete; no shredding capability. I run CCleaner religiously. Hoping someone can tell me what to enter in CCleaner's Custom area to securely delete the contents of the sandbox. As always, Thanks.
  2. cobrajet431

    cobrajet431 Private First Class

    :wave I never bumped a question before, but once it reaches Page 6 it's buried...so can anyone tell me what to enter in CCleaner to secure-delete the contents of the sandbox?
  3. cobrajet431

    cobrajet431 Private First Class

    :wave :wave Surely someone in Geekland is familiar with both CCleaner and Sandboxie? Looking for a way to securely delete the contents of the sandbox using the "Custom files to delete and folders to empty" in CCleaner running secure delete. Thanks for any help...
  4. cobrajet431

    cobrajet431 Private First Class

    :wave :wave :wave Hi. I don't think anyone's ever kept a question alive this long with no responses rolleyes . I'm hoping someone can tell me an easy way to securely delete the contents of Sandboxie's sandbox...preferably using CCleaner's secure delete function?
  5. Bugballou

    Bugballou MajorGeek

    I never tried Sandboxie, heard the free version wasn't. But if you know where the files are go ahead and delete them. Open CCleaner and click on Options in the left pane, click on Settings under Options, the last item under Settings is Secure Deletion. select Secure file deletion (slower), and then click the down arrow and choose NSA (7 passes). If you run Spybot you can drag the files to the Secure Shredder and choose the number of passes. Make sure you have Empty Recycle Bin checked under Cleaner, Cleaner Settings, System. Delete the files and then run CCleaner. Hope you can comprehend...
  6. cobrajet431

    cobrajet431 Private First Class

    ;) Well Bugballou, you're my only response...I know how to make CCleaner run secure delete and I also know where in CCleaner I would put (What file???) from the sandbox to securely delete it. What I need to know is what do I put in the Custom section of CCleaner, or in the Secure Shredder of Spybot? Hell I can put the whole Sandoxie folder into CCleaner's custom file/folder shredder, but then I would have to reinstall Sandboxie every time, and that's not the objective.

    BTW...Sandboxie is indeed free. I've read that after a while they may ask for a donation, but you're not obligated.

    Thank you for being the only one who even tried in almost three weeks :cool .This question apparently needs someone who has done exactly what I'm asking; and I can't believe I'm the only one who has...but Thanks!

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