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Santa pole-dancing.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Puppywunder58, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Puppywunder58

    Puppywunder58 Master Sergeant

  2. ItsWendy

    ItsWendy MajorGeek

    I suspect this site is a victim of its own success. You can't access it, I suspect it has exceeded its bandwidth limits.
  3. solaris89

    solaris89 First Sergeant

    Actually, the OP has the emoticon included in the link; if you hover over it, you'll see it. Just copy/paste the link into your browser and delete the colon D, and it works fine.
  4. ItsWendy

    ItsWendy MajorGeek

  5. Puppywunder58

    Puppywunder58 Master Sergeant

    Thanks for the help Bill.

    I had never used the emoticons before.

  6. chipper_atmacneil

    chipper_atmacneil Private First Class

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