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SATA Slave Drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bgarten, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. bgarten

    bgarten Private E-2

    I have a SATA harddrive from a Gateway laptop that I need to get info off of. Is it possible to slave it to my Gateway desktop (also has a SATA harddrive) in order to retrieve the data. I don't know for sure if it matters, but the laptop harddrive has Windows Vista, the desktop harddrive has Windows XP. The laptop will not boot and I was going to restore harddrive, but there is vital info on it.
  2. GaryG

    GaryG Private First Class

    wouldn't it be better to try and repair the master boot record? If you can get to a command prompt, it can be done.
    do you have the vista install disc?

    do a google search using "when vista wont boot" (without the quotes) as the search argument and see if something there will help you?
  3. bgarten

    bgarten Private E-2

    I have tried to repair it by going to the advanced boot options, and then the repair your computer option. It says there is nothing to repair. I have tried the system restore and it says it cant restore it. There is an option for a command prompt. This is a Gateway laptop bought at Circuit City. There was no Vista CD's with it. If I can repair it without wiping the hard drive that would be great.
  4. GaryG

    GaryG Private First Class

    Ok, before we go any further, exactly what happens when you boot the laptop? It sounds like you are able to boot something.

    When you start "advanced boot options" what does it give you in the way of options? do you see anything like "fixboot" or "fixmbr"?

    When you try to start vista are you getting any error messages?
  5. bgarten

    bgarten Private E-2

    When I turn on the computer, it has a windows error recovery. It gives me the option of "launch startup repair" or "start windows normally". If I try to start windows normally all it does is go to a screen where a green bar goes across with Microsoft Corporation underneath. It will go no farther. If I launch startup repair, it says that it cannot repair automatically. I can get other options if I tap F8 when I start the computer. That is where I get the advanced boot options. I go into "repair your computer", log in and I get the options: Startup Repair, System Restore, Windows Complete PC Restore, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, Command Prompt and Recovery Manager. The startup repair says here that there is nothing to repair. I have tried several system restore points and none of them work. Thanks for your help.
  6. GaryG

    GaryG Private First Class

    Take a look at this url.
    This url contains a list of downloads,
    here is an excerpt from that list.:
    There is more stuff on that page about recovery. Take a look; it could contain some useful information.
  7. bgarten

    bgarten Private E-2

    Thanks for all of your help. I found an extra SATA cable and was able to slave it to my desktop. It was actually easier that the old style drives. I just connected the cables and turned the computer on. My computer booted from good harddrive and I was able to copy the info that I needed from the laptop drive. I am now going to reinstall the drive back into the laptop and then restore the drive back to factory. Thanks again for all of your help.

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