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Screen Capture / Cropper Tool

Discussion in 'Software' started by theremotedr, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. theremotedr

    theremotedr Specialist

    Hi All,
    As per title I'm looking for a tool that can save crop box sizes by name as opposed to its size.
    Most tools I see just allow you to drag out a section of the screen then save.
    Some I've seen save specific sizes in its database so by selecting your size and say hitting a hot key the selected size cropper outline is shown on the screen,position it then save etc.
    This is ok but when you get a bit of a list trying to remember which size cropper is used for what is hard. Now if you could save the cropper size as a name then the list can be huge as the title upon selecting will be easier to remember than just 1024x768 etc.
    Do you know of such tool or know a link for making such tool.

  2. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    I don't understand by name? the window name?
    I have a file printed to a jpg and I only need 1/4 of the sheet, so I wrote a batch file and use imagemagick
    example: convert.exe %fullfile% -crop 2065x1023+77+48 %fullfile%

    You could make a tool like that, I'd use a batch to run the printscreen & crop the file, then just name the batch whatever you want.
    Minicap - screen cap tool
    C:\MiniCapPortable (1)>minicap -save "C:\screen_$appname$$uniquenum$_$date$.jpg" -captureregion 271 191 1260 964 -closeapp -exit

    Save as "MyCap271x1260.bat"
  3. PaulDean

    PaulDean Private E-2

    I think this can be done via Adobe Photoshop, in cropping such picture resolution may be affected too, so in Adobe Photoshop it's not just cropping but also improving the resolution of the cropped picture. :)

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