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Scroll down arrow missing

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by andyman77, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. andyman77

    andyman77 Private E-2

    Hi all,

    Hope you are all well. I seem to have a problem where i go on to most webpages and i cant scroll down using the scroll bar arrow. I've not changed any settings so have no idea why it comes and goes. It seems to hide itself behind the task bar. I have attached an image in case i'm making no sense.

    Thank you for any help rectifying this issue.

    Andy :)

    Attached Files:

  2. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    What OS and what browser?

    Not the answer but, The space bar would scroll down a page at a time and you can grab the slider with the mouse to drag it down as well as using the scroll wheel in your mouse if you have one.
  3. andyman77

    andyman77 Private E-2

    Hi there,

    I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and it happens in both Chrome and IE9. Its not as though it happens on every webpage that requires being scrolled down. At this moment of replying it is in view but will probably disappear again in the next page or so i visit. Quite random really. I understand about other methods of scrolling down but ive always used that way and just annoying really.

    Thanks again

  4. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with Win7, IE or Chrome.

    The options I offered were just for useability while the problem is present in case you weren't aware. I totally understand the annoying part. That's what's kept me on XP.
  5. thelaptopguru

    thelaptopguru Private E-2


    I used to get this problem when i used facebook, it would hide the bottom of the scroll bar, V.annoying.

    One method in win7 would be to enable the auto hide for the task bar.

    Right click the bar, click properties, then check the autohide box and click apply.
    this should sort the problem.

    It may be that you have managed to slightly resize your browser window by mistake. check that it is displaying in full size and not at a reduced size.
    other than that I cant think of anything else
    Hope that helps.

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