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Seagate Harddrive PC Board Replacement

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DMC_01, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. DMC_01

    DMC_01 Private E-2

    I have the following model Seagate Hardrive and was wondering if anyone knew of reliable resources to get a new circuit board for this item. I have been checking ebay, online sites, ect...so any additional assistane woul dbe helpful.
    Model ST340823A
    U Series 5
    IDE drive
    Seagate 40 GB
    Firmware 3.07
    I have seen a lot of models that are close - just not exact match. I'd toss the drive, but there is about a years worth of photos on there that I unfortunately did not have a backup for.

    Thanks in advance
  2. pclover

    pclover MajorGeek

    Could you explain what is wrong with the drive?
  3. DMC_01

    DMC_01 Private E-2

    The drive attempted to power up and noticed the smell of burnt plastic. Turned off drive and removed it from the external enclosure it was it to check - one of the small circuits has a small melted pinhole in it, and drive did not power up again even when hooking up internally, so I did not attempt anything else.
  4. BILLMCC66

    BILLMCC66 Bionic Belgian

  5. DMC_01

    DMC_01 Private E-2

    Thanks - looking through the site - has some that are close - does the firmware have to be exact for this to work? i see a few 3.09 versions and wondering if it was compatable - don't want to have this drive long term - just long enough to get the stuff I have on it off.
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