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Search EveryThing

Discussion in 'Software' started by oneeyejack, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    I have XP3 and I love this software. It is amazing. When you uninstall programs even when you use Revo. There are files missed by Revo. Search EveryThing will find them and you can delete them. I have not found one person that doesn't love this software. Very light weight and it does the job. Helps you find duplicate files also(Music=Pictures=ect) Please be very careful when you delete duplicates. I don't recommend deleting them unless you are absolutely sure what your doing. Try this software; you will love it!!:yum:yum

  2. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    I just type fire fox at the top.

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