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secunia replacement

Discussion in 'Software' started by peterr, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    I tried the 3.0 ver of Secunia and had to uninstall it for many reasons. I was totally content as it was for years.
    Is there another quality program out there as I don't think they will continue to support ver2.0?
    Thank you
  2. samtal

    samtal Corporal

  3. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    I also tried version 3 and did not like it, so I reinstalled the previous version - I think it's
    Currently, it's not working properly (gets hung on checking network onnectivity).

    I have been using the online checker at Secunia Online Software Inspector
    You have to click the Start Scanner button on the first page and Start on the second page.
    I also Uncheck the Display only insecure programs so it will show what it has checked.

    Secunia scans for system vulnerabilities Only, whereas FileHippo Update Checker scans other software also.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
  4. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    I just got a note fro Maurice in Secunia and he said most are not using 3.0 and reinstallling 2.0 which I did.
    I have no issues and it runs great like it used to.
    He said he would never run it off a working platform.

    The old ver ( is going to still be fully supported.

    Remove whatever Secunia you have with Revo then reinstall ver
    I will take a look at your referal but i have had Secunia for a decade and it has always treated me well.
  5. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

  6. solaris89

    solaris89 First Sergeant

  7. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    >>Why would file hippo update checker pick up on Ccleaner and Skype which it installed smoothly and Secunia missed both. Secunia also missed F.F. beta.
    I am beginning to doubt my old friend Secunia.
  8. pwillener

    pwillener MajorGeek

    Secunia only checks for missing security updates. Updated programs with no security enhancements are of no interest to Secunia.

    P.S. I have also tried 3.0 a while ago, and instantly reverted back to 2.0.
  9. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

  10. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thanx all, just got internet back from storm in MD and will decide among the three...
  11. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    >>Would you use all or one of;
    file hippo udate checker, secunia, patchmy pc?
    Just got power back so sorry to be late -bad storm.
  12. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    Sorry to hear that you were one of the many (millions?) of people that lost electric power due to the storms.
    A very uncomfortable experience, I'm sure.

    I have not used File Hippo Update Checker, so I can't comment on that, but you can use any or all three, if you like.

    I don't allow any of them to actually handle an update directly.
    I use them only for information.
    Some things require special uninstallers (like Adobe Flash Player) and with most others I use Revo Uninstaller.
    Typically, I download the update myself.

    So keep in mind that if you allow them to handle the update process, there May be some Risks, IMHO.

    Also, as mentioned, Secunia is only concerned with security risks and only checks software known to periodically contain
    security risks, so that serves a specialized function.
  13. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thank you for the kind words about the storm named 'direcho' which in Spanish means straight ahead. It sure did that and many are still without a/c never mind tv or pc. The trees were so huge that were felled upon lines, cars, and houses. In 1944 I saw what I thought was the worst except for the one of 38 and the blizzard of 78.
    I did make note of Secunia's function and agree with just getting notified but hadling an issue myself. Usually I uninstall the old and install a new or whatever a case calls for. Skype was the latest example where you had to uninstall in order to install the new.
    I am on the fence as to what to use besides it b/c I want what doesn't exist which is one that does it all. :wave
  14. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    We lost power for more than 8 days in October and November 2011 when the freak snowstorm felled trees all over our area. I have to say it is easier being without power when it is in the 20s and 30s compared to temps in the high 90s and in the triple digit range. We just put on more and more clothes to keep warm. We had a chance to make some of the food on our two camp stoves before it spoiled. When the temps are high, everything spoils too rapidly to use.
  15. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    >>That situation is realy long term. It sounds like the blizzarrd of 44 and 76 where nothing moved for over a week and you had to make do. Luckily in New England where I used to live for 60 years we all had a lot of firewood and fire places and stoves.
    It is amazing what yoou can do when you have to. Life seems to be a job you have to continue to work at to make it.
    When you are used to tv, pc, phone and ac and they are taken away it is frustrating and then some. 100 plus is hot especially for the elderly and ill. My one lung just about made it.
    Try not getting envious when your friend or neighbor has everything and you have zero.:confused
    Hope your worry days are in the past.
  16. DragonMaster Jay

    DragonMaster Jay Private E-2

    FWIW, if FileHippo Update Checker doesn't suit you, I know CNET offers update checker as well. ;)
  17. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thank you, I will look at it.
    I think Secunia and FileHippo notifying me to make a choice sounds good.

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