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Send a movie file to my friend

Discussion in 'Software' started by asher_friends, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. asher_friends

    asher_friends Private First Class

    Hey geeks:major, how r u all??? I need a help on this thing....I need to send a movie to my friend....which is approx 700MB.....but I dunno how to send it...IS there any software or any method to send it directly to my friends computer through internet....??:wave
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    You can try Pando. It's an app that allows LARGE files to be sent as email attachments (up to and over 10gb!!! or so I've heard). I haven't used it, but I have friends who love it. Check it out, it's free. Just Google "Pando". Attaching a 700mb file will take some time, so be patient. You could also use some type of P2P file sharing; like Gnutella on a much smaller scale. Or you could probably set up some type network between your PC and your friend's and set the sharing permissions so you can see each other's hard drives. Then you should be able to drag-n-drop or copy-n-paste. I haven't used Gnutella (again, friends use it with an app called MP3rocket) nor am I a network guru so these are ideas and theories. I'm sure you can find more accurate info and probably detailed step-by-step with a bit searching and/or posting in these forums.

    PS- you could always burn the file and mail the CD ;)
  3. asher_friends

    asher_friends Private First Class

    Thank you for the info.....really appreciate if I get more replies for others too...

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