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sending email problem

Discussion in 'Software' started by CharAp, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. CharAp

    CharAp Private E-2

    Sony Vaio laptop XP SP2, Outlook Express 6, ISP = Pipex. All working fine and then "the specified server was found, but there was no response from the server" when I try and send email or use Test feature. SSL is not on, other Vaio laptops work and this problem follows this laptop to other sites.

    I have uninstalled Norton and installed AVG, turned firewall off etc. but to no avail...

    Driving me nuts, I must have wasted a whole day or more on this over the last week.

    Please help...
  2. CharAp

    CharAp Private E-2

    Sorry, Two other Sony Vaio laptops, both XP SP2, one OE 6 and one Outlook 2003 both work using the same Pipex accounts as the problem laptop.

    I did use NRT to remove Norton and laptop has been rebooted several times.

    I have now unistalled AVG and no difference...

    Driving me insane...
  3. CharAp

    CharAp Private E-2

    I know that removing AVG was not ideal but just in case there was a setting that was affecting email I did. Anyway it is now back on and not virus checking outgoing email. I have checked again and every setting in Outlook on the two laptops are identical and one works and one does not. OE6 has slightly different layout but settings are identical and same problem.
  4. CharAp

    CharAp Private E-2

    >>Ok. So.....Firewall on that box???

    Currently ZoneAlarm, email works whether ZoneAlarm is disabled or enabled.

    >>Also how are these three laptops connecting to the net? Are you on a local network so they are all connected through a router? Are they all wired or all wifi or part wired part wifi?

    Here they are all on wired network. Same problem happens at my house whether connected wirelessly or wired.

    Thanks for helping me out, I do appreciate it; I just hope there is a solution somewhere...

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