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SFC /Scannow won't run.....

Discussion in 'Software' started by angel58, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    I have windows xp home edition and SP2 and I am trying to run sfc/scannow and a window comes up and says windows can't find sfc/scannow so I did a search for it and that don't help . it can't find it. I try just typeing in the run is sfc and it don't give me the can't find it .all it does is something flashes and then it is gone. I don't know nothing about computers so if any of you can tell . I do beleive that I download the upgrade from sp1 to sp2 Thank you. Joan
  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi Joan welcome to the forum

    This can happen if you get the syntax of the command wrong, if going by your post above you have typed sfc/scannow then you will get an error as you would need to type sfc /scannow ( note the space between c and / )

    Also make sure you logon to Administrators account.

    Also search for the SFC file to see if indeed you have it, its located in C:\Windows\System32
  3. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Thank for the respone I copied your sfc scan now and it worked I. Now the next thing is I have microsoft windows xp home addion Including service park 1 a But I have servive pack 2
    What do I do now also the CD that came with the computer was from dell Here's what it says on the cd Operating System Already installed on your computer
    Reinstallation CD microsoft windows xp home addion Including service park 1 a . Only use this CD to reinstall the operating system on a dell computer it is not for reinstallation of programs or drivers.
    PS I didn't run the sfc file because I didn't know what to do lol. I told you I am not to smart when it comes to computer. Am I going to screw up my computer by doing this scan now cuzz if it ask me to do something I would not know what they were talking about. But any way thanks thanks thanks for all the help you gave me so far. Joan
    PS> Hope to hear from you doon or ever when you have some time
  4. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Now don't laugh when you say to Also make sure you logon to Administrators account. thats just turning on my computer right cuzz I have DSL so it's already connect right Lol. Thank you Joan
  5. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Halo, I did what you told me and I ran the sfc \scran now but I kept getting a message that I don't have the right cd in well i did but from reading your post it seemds to me i neat a new dick with windows xp sp2 instaed of the windows xp sp1a that I had when the windows were installed. I got the sp2 update off the windows updae I am sure. Can you help
  6. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    What issues are you having to need to do this? What Halo means about logging into an administrative account is that you are in an account with admin. priviledges.....not a limited user account. You can also do this by rebooting the machine and hitting f8 until you get an option to boot into safe mode ....if it asks for a password, just press enter ....then try running sfc with the disc you have .....
  7. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Hi TimW, Okay I did what halo told me to do and it run but what happens it keeps stopping asking me for the right cd to put in which I did but heres the problem I have windows xp home addition sp1a well I upgraded my sp1 to sp2 now thats what kind of disk it needs. Do you know how I can do it without that disk windows xp home addtion sp2. Does this all make sense to you . Thank you for the infro you give me threw. Hope someone can help lol. I need it. Joan
  8. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi Joan

    Yes their is a way to do this in whats called slipstreaming your SP1 XP disk with SP2 and creating a new merged XP SP2 cd.

    I'm hoping that this will be easy for you to follow, so luckily the guide I already prepaired a while back has some screenshots to help you in this task.

    Then Download the XP Sp2 Network install files http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...be-3b8e-4f30-8245-9e368d3cdb5a&displaylang=en ( only get from this source to be sure its 100% real, dont get from any unknown sites )

    Once Autostreamer run, choose "I want to use my original CD" pop your XP SP1 disk in the drive and click Next > you will see the below,


    E: is where CD drive XP original disk is in, then click the Magnifying Glass icon at the end of the Service Pack File line and browse for the location of where you downloaded WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe

    Leave the temp folder as is and click NEXT and any other prompts shown, then you will end up with a merged SP1 and SP2 ISO file, as below.


    Click Finish.

    You will then need to burn the ISO file to CD, you can do this via Nero or the free CDBurnerXP ( CDBurnerXP will need if not installed already Microsoft .Net 2.0 or above )

    To burn an ISO with CDBurnerXP, just install the app and run, at the first box click Create Data CD/DVD > pop a blank CD in the drive and click:

    File > Burn Disk from ISO File.....


    Then you get the above box, click the [...] icon I circled and browse for the saved ISO file, this will be in your root C: drive location ( named WINXPSP2_EN.ISO ), choose the same options in the above picture I have chosen.

    Then click Burn disk and at end you should have a slipstreamed XP SP2 CD.
  9. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Halo, Okay if I try this you want me to put my windows xp home edition sp1 into the drive I know when I do that The whole install wants to start and you want me to write over that disk from dell right and halo this may sound funny but I have windows xp home edition sp2 right now but no disk to run it because from the factory it came from windows xp sp1a. So I think I may wait for a just little bit and see if someone can come and help lol. Halo if I have the sp2 already install what would I do with the download and where would I download it to.Wish I was as smart as all of you. Thanks agasin for all your help
  10. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Halo, I just got some good news that I think will work. My daughter -in -law called and she has the windows xp home edition sp2 so I should be able to use that right with now problem:-D is there a way I can copy her cd lol. Joan
  11. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Likely when you pop your XP SP1a CD in that you have Autorun enabled so CDs autorun, so all you'd need to do is close the installer and follow the instructions in the post earlier as what it does is to merge your SP1a Cd with the full Sp2 files from the network installer, thus creating a SP2 CD, but as your daughter in Law has a SP2 Cd thats good.

    Could copy it but their are some pitfalls in the a retail and OEM ( OEM as in if your PC was bought from DELL, HP etc ) cd are slightly different and will only work on specific PCs, so slipstreaming removes issues of incompatible versions ( minefiled these various Cds are at times )

    OEM = Original Equipement Manufacturer

    But do let us know how you get on with Daughter In Laws cd.
  12. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Hi Halo, My daughter-lin-law a dell to . But she has windows xp home edition sp2 disk I have a sp1 so I thi9nk it will work. But I want to thank you for all your wonderful help.:) You helped me so much so far. I am very happy I installed my backup tool this morning. I don't know how to do that but I'll tell you I will tey it some time. If I try to much I get:confused. So for now we will get the sfc \scannow done maybe tommorow. If my son brings it over. he forgot today but that was okay with me. I sleep every 3 hours because of my health condition. So I work on the computer when I am feeling awake and not so tired. I am glad I founf this site. You were alot of help. I let you know how I did when I do the scan okay. I have printed out the other infromation you gave me with the pictures. And If I can't do it with the cd then I will have a friend come over that works on computers for then police dept. She'll know how to do things. But you know you hate to ask someone that worked on computers all day and have a family. Take care halo. keep ya posted. Joan
  13. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    Oh Halo, I tryed my daughter-in-laws disk and would not work did the same as mine telling me I have the wrong disk but anyway way don't I have windows xp sp2 in my add and remove program I cound unistall it but it is not there. I don't understand it do you. Should I download again and see if it will go into my add and remove. Maybe it will turn back to sp1 then.:( Joan
  14. mcsmc

    mcsmc MajorGeek

    SP2 is likely in Add/Remove Programs, it's just hiding. Uncheck the "hide Windows updates" box near the top of the Add/Remove Programs dialog window, and see if it appears then. :)
  15. angel58

    angel58 Private E-2

    No it's not there I have show all update and it's not there but I do have it from a update but I don't know what happened to it. Only windows ezploere 7 is. Thats what I thought was so odd. Joan:)

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