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Discussion in 'Software' started by Unbanable, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Unbanable

    Unbanable Specialist

    To start off, I'm a beginner web designer, developer and webmaster.

    I've made a couple of websites using pure html/css and in one of the sites, a touch of javascript.

    As my job oppertunities keep coming, and the complication of the jobs increase, I'm going to need to expand my knowledge to things like online shopping and that sort of thing. This opens up a whole new level of webmastering that I'm not experienced in. It demands much more attention due to important aspects like security.

    Can anyone give me some useful links or resources that can help me get started on the right foot? My main concern right now is learning how to include online shopping abilities in a website.
  2. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    I had to use FishCart for a project at school, I couldn't get it to work right for me on CentOS, but other websites have gotten it to work. I believe 3.2 wouldn't work right for me, so to salvage my grade I had to use 3.1; but it may have been the otherway around. I can't even access my files to check for you, as the system that has the files is currently in need of a motherboard. Here's a link to it. It runs on Windows and Linux, depending on what you develop on, and is written in PHP.

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