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SLI suddenly gone

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by oowatie, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. oowatie

    oowatie Private E-2

    Heya everyone.

    I am running a homemade system consisting of an AMD 64x2 processor, 2Gb RAM, 400Gb SATA hd, EPoX 9NPA+SLI mobo, and dual EVGA nVidia 7800 GTX video cards running in SLI mode. The hard drive is new, since I ran out of room on my old one. After all of the files were transferred, I noticed that there were a few things (drivers and games) that needed to be reloaded and/or re-authorized. One of the things I needed to reload was my nVidia decoder for Windows Media Player (to watch DVDs). Upon reloading, the DVDs play fine, but my SLI support is gone.

    I've already confirmed that the SLI selector card is in the correct place and connected. Also, I switched the video cards to confirm that they are both working, and they are. However, I cannot get a monitor to work from the second card, so I'm assuming the mobo isn't recognizing it. My BIOS and drivers are all current, and the BIOS doesn't contain any selections regarding SLI. And, of course, Windows isn't finding a second video card, either. :mad:

    Basically, I just wanted to check if anyone had any ideas before I go out to buy another mobo. And I was checking to see if the SLI bridge connector from another manufacturer might work (in case that was the problem), or if those components were manufacturer-specific.

    And yes, I'm already really thankful that it's not one of the video cards that's out :)

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. oowatie

    oowatie Private E-2

    Okay... here's an update, from the following morning. Turned on the computer, and now the second card is detected. :confused:

    Thanks again for your help.
  3. malware killer

    malware killer Private First Class

    Well, what can I say? It's Windoze, and furballs happen... seems like the magical reboot did the trick...

    Glad you're back to "normal", at least, until something else goes wrong...

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