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Slow down , help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by THE_CANADIAN, Mar 25, 2010.


    THE_CANADIAN Specialist

    alright so basicly my downloads are really slow.. all of a sudden im not sure what is causing it but if i had to guess its probably this hunk of a junk router (WRT310N).

    Like im talking huge slow down , I ran a speedtest from Toronto (i live like 5 mins away) and the speed is 1mbps down and .44 mbps up (Ping= 10ms)

    Now im not sure what my speeds should be ill check it with my ISP (rogers) in a bit , i know the uploads is suppose to be bad because Rogers sucks at that i think they limit it but downloads definately shouldn't be that bad.

    For example when im downloading a youtube video it takes like 10 mins to download a 3 minute video.. usually i would be able to play it and not worry about catching up with what has already been downloaded.

    I use to have WRT54GS which i had no problems with , but we got a new one and so far its been disapointing .. no real big problem because ive had it in for 2-3+ months but lately its been slow. Even when people are using wireless it seems to really slow down espcially on the xbox.

    Any settings i should check via .. or anything i should try to figure out teh problem. When i connect by internet it says Speed 100Mbps .. so im not sure if thats the speed is should have i doubt it because that seems really fast.

    If anyone else here has rogers , please tell me what router/modem your runnign and post a speed test pleaseee :)

    BTW This computer is WIRED so its not a wireless issue.
  2. Squeaner

    Squeaner Specialist

    How long have you noticed it being slow?

    I haven't heard of Rogers specifically as an ISP, but if they happen to be a large corporation, there's a good chance they have turned down your speed due to excessive usage. I would call your ISP, find out what speeds your supposed to be getting and post back here with that. Once I have that info, I can help you try to troubleshoot further.
  3. Spad

    Spad MajorGeek

    The 100mbs is probably the speed of your LAN or network adapter. Most modern network cards are at least capable of 100mbs; there are also gigabyte network cards that have a possible speed of 1000mb.

    I have a WRT310N router and haven't had any problems with it. Have you tried shutting off the router, modem, and computer/s, waiting about 10mins or so, then restarting them all? I usually start the computer/s first, then the router, and wait for the router to assign an IP address for the computer. Then I start the modem. I find if my internet seems a bit sluggish this will speed it up a bit.

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