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Some feedback if you will.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by motc7, May 28, 2009.

  1. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    I am a new member here I understand, but I had to get this off my chest.

    I have been members of other forums, technical or otherwise and I can honestly say that this is one of the nicest places I've been a member of. People here have a sense of humor, are helpful, and overall do not suck. :major

    What I also like is that folks here encourage members, if they want to, to become a troubleshooter or just help in general. Great site!
  2. LauraR

    LauraR MajorGeeks Super-Duper Administrator Staff Member

    I concur 100%.

    The only prob is, I saw your thread and thought we'd have a little controversy going on! :-D
  3. joey off the street

    joey off the street Lounge Lizard No.1

    Motc 7, you so right. I came here and don't go anywhere else. Don't need to, everything you want is here. Even loadsa earache and strife from motormouth bigtrucks. :-D
    The crack here is a very welcome diversion from the stresses of the real world. I think this place contains some of the most intelligent, friendliest and funniest folk I've ever come across. Long may it continue. :major
    The on topic forums have also helped me immensely.
  4. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    That's because Major Attitude(co-owner) does not suffer fools here as we members don't either. :-D It is a class place with high standards and why I've stuck around for all this time. I am so glad that MA didn't ban me for being a jerk on my first or second post here.:-o Thanks MA as the meds kicked in soon after that and I feel much better now.:-D (Now where did I get that line from?)
  5. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    I have a very important question though...while I understand not suffering fools, I'm assuming the occasional fart joke is o.k.?
  6. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    Of course it is, just not in a tech area where one has to be serious. You can fart in the lounge all you want, well maybe not but you get the drift.;)
  7. KingSteve

    KingSteve MajorGeek

    Personally, i like to pick my noes in the lounge. To each his own though.
  8. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

  9. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    Tim has the right idea. Saluting arses.
  10. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    Like you said. Real class. (Class Dis-Missed).
  11. KathyM

    KathyM Master Sergeant

    Hi Motc7 - I as well have stopped going to other forums after I was so very lucky to find this one!! Everyone here is always so nice and alot of times go out of their way to help with peoples problems....

    I have been fascinated with computers since I bought my first one 1998 :) With all the help that MG's have given me in the past few years I finally took the step to go to IT school and as of today I am A+ and Network+ certified and soon to be MCTS certified!! I :heart it here and soon you will too!!

    BTW - watch out for JOTS :-D
  12. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    Well, I'm studying for my A+ right now, though I have worked support for over 10 years. I just finally realized now that I'm out of college a few years ago, I'm ready to start getting some certs.

    BTW, I'm a huge Star Trek fan too. q'pla
  13. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    I too am grateful for the day I found majorgeeks :heart
  14. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    What is the anniversary date of the forum's creation? After consulting the tech gods, it has been declared that we should have a celebration of such a holy event.
  15. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    From MA, right after he realized your meds were actually working. Duh. :major

    motc7, I like the way you're thinking! There obviously needs to be an MG Anniversary holiday, preferably one with lots of drinking and PC gaming. And cake for TimW. ;)
  16. KathyM

    KathyM Master Sergeant

    Kewl!! I have been so busy with school that I have not seen the new Star Trek yet!!!:cry Soon!!!!!

    Glad you are going for your certs.....they are good to have :) Upward and onward!!!
  17. KingSteve

    KingSteve MajorGeek

    What are you focusing on for the MCTS Kathy?
  18. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    Mimsy, I'm glad you are seeing the bigger vision that the almighty tech gods have bestowed upon me. Nothing funnier than a bunch of drunk geeks, trying to frag one another in F.E.A.R. LOL
  19. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    01-01-02 as its Corporal Punishments Birthday (aka Jim) well not really his personal but the forums, long standing funny when the birthday thread for CP pops up each year ;)
    actually a date that we are all in the main off for and have loadsa beers in anyway, so bonus!

    Nice of you to take the time and post this feedback of the forum motc7 so many thanks for that and here at Majorgeeks, we have from the outset strived to make computing simple and cater for everyones knowledge of computing and not make fun/lame them like some sites do when the simple questions pop up.

    Which is why fun in lounge (cool off and goof off area) and serious stuff in the tech areas as when folk have PC issues, they are not laughing they are in the main stressed and funnies dont help them, heven knows I have to bite my fingers sometimes, but the job is to help in a simple tailored to the persons limits, it works I feel.

    We are all old enough and wise enough to know that we all have to start somewhere and the beginning is a great location, so the only stupid question is the one not asked and we dont do the "google it noob" replies at Majorgeeks either.

    But again cheers for posting the thread, always good to have positive feedback.

  20. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    I see you are from the UK. Did you notice the devishly handsome, and very famous avatar of mine, Mr. Ace Rimmer?
  21. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    I did, guessing you like Red Dwarf? "smoke me a kipper"......... did you see the 3 part special that was on reciently, dunno if it hit US TV yet.

    Weirdly that pic also looks like Michael J Fox!
  22. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    Even more weird? That looks like me circa 1991 when I graduated high school. oy vey!

    Smoke me a kipper...I'll be back for breakfast!
  23. joey off the street

    joey off the street Lounge Lizard No.1

    Star Trek and Red Dwarf. Now that's the sign of class
  24. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

  25. joey off the street

    joey off the street Lounge Lizard No.1

    Always a pleasure, never a chore.

    Me and the boy are rewatching the Star Trek movies. And Red Dwarf is the greatest thing ever shown on TV. Apart from Doctor Who.

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