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Someone is stealing my wireless bandwidth

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LUPIN58, May 23, 2008.

  1. LUPIN58

    LUPIN58 Private E-2


    Suspect someone is stealing bandwidth on my wireless home network. Router is showing high activity even when not doing anything.

    Understand that some programs always query the internet normally for updates, etc, so the router may be showing activity even if not doing anything on the internet, but my monthly allotted bandwidth is disappearing too quickly. Could someone outside my house be riding my wireless router, and if so how can I tell? I have a router password enabled already by the wireless provider.

    Is there a program that allows me to monitor my router's bandwidth usage and spot outside intruders sharing it? Can it give me the intruders IP Address to report to my wireless provider? Basically want to be able to see who is on my wireless network.
  2. lbmest

    lbmest MajorGeek

  3. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    You really need to setup WEP or WPA wireless security in your router. Use WPA if your router supports it; WPA provides the best security. Once you setup the wireless security in your router, the present intruder will be blocked; so, at that point, you really don't need to find out who's doing it.

    Just having changed the default password to access your router admin panel does not prevent an intruder from using your broadband connection for Internet access. You need to go the next step and enable WEP or WPA security.
  4. LUPIN58

    LUPIN58 Private E-2

    Found it.

    What I needed is called a "Packet Sniffer" and is available through several versions, both Free and Paid, in the Major Geeks Downloads section of this web site, in the Networking Section.

    Allows me to track all packets in and out of a wireless network, then spot the ones that do not go to places I visit, and to see the outbound IP Addresses and incoming IP Addresses.

    Looks good, works fine, and having the actual IP Addresses of the offending party gives me the option of either reporting it, or simply saying hello.

    Since I do have WEP security enabled, and therefore the trespasser is breaking into a secured network, reporting it seems more fun. Will switch to WPA first, and if problem persists will report it.


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