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Sony Laptop Probelm ... Laptop taking long to boot up

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Franchize, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Franchize

    Franchize Private E-2

    Model name: VPCEE23FD

    So my Sony VAIO laptop is taking very long to boot up. Takes about 30 min - hour to boot to the start menu and that is just the beginning when I try
    To log in to my profile it takes even longer. When it does go to my profile I cannot open anything. I can only use my computer when it is in safe mode. So went to Sony support website and chated with one of the employes, he connected to my computer (had control of my computer) he checked what the problem was and said this:
    12:40 AM Sony Support- Tech 10: I see that issue is with the system Services, Corrupted Registry files and configuration settings of the Windows operating system in the computer that are causing the issue. * * * * * * * *

    And said this would be the way to solve the problem
    12:40 AM Sony Support- Tech 10: It is required to manually reconfigure the system services, repair the corrupted Registry files and the operating system functionality settings in the computer to resolve the issue. * *

    He could fixed my computer manually but with a price, so I told him I would think about it. The next day I checked this website that said I can fix my problem myself here is the link *(Link removed)
    Can you tell me if this would work to solve my problem.
    Also can you tell me what things I can do to fix my computers problems?
    Also is this problem serious enough that I have to go to a computer repair shop?
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  2. Tueur

    Tueur Sergeant Major

    Personally I would back up your data and reformat and do a complete system restore. If it is taking that long to boot up then you have a lot of corruptions. Would be quicker to wipe it and start over.
  3. ouranos

    ouranos Private E-2

    well you havw to determine if it is a softaware issue or a hardware one

    for software issues cause by viruses malware ech
    run also a cleaning program to clean the registry

    for hardware issues
    check if the disk is in the end of its life
    if you get lots of corrupt files run a full hard drive scan and see if it reports any damaged
    see the smart report of the drive
  4. Toke

    Toke MajorGeek

    If you can boot using safe mode I would first try an Online Malware scan which can be found at http://housecall.trendmicro.com/uk/ or if in the USA type us to replace the uk.. Boot into safe mode and choose safemode internet. Run that scan and delete what malware it finds, and then if you can access your ''C'' drive use one of the free registry progs here at MG's to scan the registry, then if that works I would then try a defrag and post back. Of course you could go to the other suggestions 'Clean Install' if you have a disc but I would personally use that as a last resort.
  5. Tueur

    Tueur Sergeant Major

    I suppose it depends how much data you have backed up and how experienced you are at re-installing. In my experience once malware gets to this point it will have done that much damage to the registry that it will be beyond repair. I have all my data backed up and can do a full re-install in about an hour and a half whereas trying to clean malware could take best part of a day and wont yeald the same performance increase.
  6. Toke

    Toke MajorGeek

    If you do a 'Clean Install' it is most important to have the 'Chipset Drivers' at hand as well as all the other software and drivers, have you still got the disc that came with your computer and are you familiar with tackling the Bios Settings after the install, this is why I suggested try all other avenues first unless of course you feel confident and have the experience. Either way MG is here to help you through. ;)
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2012

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