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Sound Blaster X-Fi [Sound issues crackling]

Discussion in 'Software' started by sheepondrugs, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. sheepondrugs

    sheepondrugs Private First Class

    Hi Everyone,

    This issue has been going on for about a year now, both on 32 and 64 bit XP. My computer is around 3 years old, and no hardware has changed since then.

    All my drivers are up-to-date, BIOS updates, software, patches, windows etc.

    I have had lots of "theories" or "temp fixes" sent to me but in reality are not suitable.

    When I play music (with any player) sometimes the sound crackles, to resolve the issue I have to pause then unpause the song and it stops for the duration of that song.

    My Sound Card:

    I have found lots of information, but non suitable.
    I have 680i SLI NIVDIA motherboard.. but none of the above fixes work.

    There's tons of websites/webpages with people having the same problem.

    ...any help at all I would be very very grateful!! :)

  2. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    It's a bit hard to suggest without going through everything to see what you might have tried already (although I did have a look at your second link and a very quick look at the third). So please excuse if you have already tried the following, or if they seem too obvious (more hardware than software suggestions, as you have perhaps been trying mostly software, by the look of it).

    It kinda sounds like something's deteriorating, and when you give it a moment to rest, it resets itself.

    You haven't mentioned anything about your speakers (or headphones). Are they OK? Have you tried others, or tried yours in another computer? Can you try a USB speaker (if you haven't got that already)? How are the connections/cables/jacks?

    Do you have an onboard audio driver you can try (ie take out the sound card)? Can you borrow a sound card to try?

    Maybe it's a poor connection, including solder joint, in there somewhere. Hard to track down - have to try swapping things.

    Is your problem confined to one medium (CD/DVD, stored audio files, downloaded music), or does it happen with all types?

    Does it happen when you're eating Rice Bubbles? :)-D) (It's late, OK?)

    Any possibility of interference from nearby electronics or electrical appliances?

    Is your power supply unit OK? (Don't know why these last two items would be fixed by pausing the song, but I'm running low on ideas - maybe I'll stop here and let someone else have a go...)
  3. sheepondrugs

    sheepondrugs Private First Class

    Many thanks for your reply!, the speakers are 100% ok tried them on 3 computers and my on-board sound.

    I DID find some VERY interesting information though....

    Creative Labs says:
    I asked the question to NVIDIA, and they have yet to respond... rolleyes
  4. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    We await with bated breath. :confused

    (I take it there is no problem when using your onboard sound, which kind of narrows it down somewhat.)
  5. Noone

    Noone Private E-2

    Get a sound card that the manufacturer will support and quit using crap. :D

    It could be many things, but if I would be forced to guess I would bet there's a hardware decoder on the card that's getting buffer underruns and when you pause the playback it's cache gets filled up and the problem goes away.
  6. sheepondrugs

    sheepondrugs Private First Class

    Sound Blaster and NVIDIA just keep passing the blame. rolleyes
  7. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Maybe they should join forces and make brakes for Toyota... :-D

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