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Sound Card driver Packard Bell 3065

Discussion in 'Software' started by jukeboxmusic, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. jukeboxmusic

    jukeboxmusic Private E-2

    Hi, just updated my Packard Bell 3065 from Windows XP to Windows 7 but i am having a bit of trouble trying to find the sound card driver for it. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. falconattack

    falconattack Command Sergeant Major

    Run ( Type ' devmgmt.msc ' in blank )
    Right clik in yellow question mark
    choose Hardware ids from bar menu
    Choose the code which is like this


    and post here the results !! :cool
  3. jukeboxmusic

    jukeboxmusic Private E-2

    Thanks heres the info;

  4. falconattack

    falconattack Command Sergeant Major

    Your driver details is here


    this is the driver you need

    ftp://ftp.download.packardbell.com/DESKTOP/iMedia (2004-2005)/Driver/Xp/stac97_sis_614013798.exe

    download the driver using Internet Explorer , good luck Scotland !! :cool
  5. jukeboxmusic

    jukeboxmusic Private E-2

    Thanks! Thats it working great. Quick question, i'm playing back videos that i downloaded via windows media player classic but its a bit jumpy. Do you know what graphics driver i need?
  6. falconattack

    falconattack Command Sergeant Major

    Download this programme


    your problem can be solved , are there any yellow question ( mark ) in device manager ? :confused
  7. jukeboxmusic

    jukeboxmusic Private E-2

    Tried that, still the same. Videos are a bit jumpy :(
  8. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    Try running your graphics in compatability mode, download and save the driver to your desktop, right click then choose run in compatability mode (choose windows 7) then install as normal.
  9. falconattack

    falconattack Command Sergeant Major

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