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Sound cards won't work

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jappo, May 28, 2009.

  1. jappo

    jappo Private E-2

    So, I have this computer. Every sound card I install in it, using the correct drivers, will not work. I'm not sure what is causing this issue.

    Error: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be missing or corrupt.

    I have used the original driver cd, and have tried downloading the correct driver from the internet. Yes, I do have the correct driver.

    It's running XP, and is an hp a1550y. If I can get the onboard card to work, it would be great!

    Everything else works fine.
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    So, what you're saying is that you've installed several different PCI (or PCIe 1x) sound cards and none of them work? Did you disable the on-board audio in the BIOS first? Have you tried using different PCI slots? Did the sound ever work with the on-board audio? According to the HP web site, the a1550y Media PC was originally marketed with either RealTek HD on-board audio, or a Creative Audigy sound card. Try this: remove any sound card you have installed and uninstall any sound drivers you have installed. Make sure the on-board audio is enabled in the BIOS. Download the audio drivers from this link but DO NOT install 'em yet. Download and install KB888111 from this direct link. It's the Microsoft High-Def UAA Audio Update. The on-board audio won't work without it. If you're running Service Pack 3, you'll need to 'trick' Windows into thinking that you're using SP2 'cuz KB888111 does not install with SP3. Read the info in this thread before installing KB888111 if you have SP3 installed. After KB888111 is successfully installed, you can installed the on-board RealTek HD sound drivers. Reboot the PC when finished. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. jappo

    jappo Private E-2




    Also, affirmative.

    Tried it, no worky. Still giving an error. Code 39, which didn't help me much, but it might help you. Thanks for the reply, by the way!
  4. jappo

    jappo Private E-2

    Still no luck with this machine. If anybody has any suggestions, let me know. I sure wouldn't mind hearing them.

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