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starting over format the harddrive

Discussion in 'Software' started by watchntv, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. watchntv

    watchntv Private E-2

    I was told that I should sometimes redo my computer and make it new again
    get a recovery disk from the manufacturer
    move all the files I want to a disk
    then pop in the recovery disk and about a day later computer is back up

    I have a Compaq presiario
    SR 1000T

    is this right?
    I dont have MS word, 97, the one I like, will it be restored? or do I need to find the disk?
    what about my internet bookmarks? How Do I save those?
  2. itmortiz

    itmortiz Corporal

    Guessing you have XP, and that museum piece (excuses, computer j/k) restore disks generally doesn't come with any office product even Office 97, i guess you will have to found the disk.

    Yes, you need to save your IE Bookmarks, into IE just clic in File > Import and Export > Bookmarks and then save the file in a secure place.

    Hope it helps, cheers.
  3. watchntv

    watchntv Private E-2

    you are so mean
    thats what the compaq dude told me also, that my computer is so old, I am screwed
    they dont make recovery disks
    I have the MS office, I found it

    so what do I do for a new computer
    I dont think I need one,. yet
  4. plastidust

    plastidust Command Sergeant Major

  5. pwillener

    pwillener MajorGeek

    That was true at the time of Windows 9x, but since Windows 2000 I have never found a reason to "redo" my system(s).

    If you keep it clean of "crap" (CCleaner) and malware, defrag your partition(s) a couple of times a year, I really don't see any need to reinstall Windows and all applications.

    All my computers run as fast as on their first day, some even better due to the fine-tuning done over the years.

    P.S. all my computers are also very old (Windows 2000 and XP), but I have no need to get anything newer soon...
  6. watchntv

    watchntv Private E-2

    I actually gave a link to the "Malware" thread
    so this guy could see why I never complained about a thing

    my only complaint about my computer in the last year or so was recent, when I came back from being gone 2 weeks and had unplugged my computer and I had to plug it back in and let "charge" before it would stay on.

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