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Steam account jacked

Discussion in 'Software' started by oakland, May 24, 2009.

  1. oakland

    oakland Private E-2

    -Steam is weak for having such hackable software.
    Un freekin believable

    my steam account email right?

    anyone know any good tricks to get my property back
    or just submit the Steam ticket like theyre suggesting-(?)
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2009
  2. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    I have used steam for years, in fact started when it first came out and never had an issue of spam or being "hacked" through my steam account. Suggest you go ahead and start in the malware forum and run through all that. Then we can dicuss best ways to get your steam account back as its no good for you to fix that with a good possiblity of malware on your machine yet. But the best way to get your steam account back is via steam support. Also please clean up your language this is a family friendly forum and thats unnecessary in resolving your issue.
  3. oakland

    oakland Private E-2

    NP Coleman- ill go clean it up in a minute.

    Yep ive had my account untampered-with for about 4-5 years now
    so it came out of nowhere so to speak. Yea ill run some Malware/
    spyware/rootkit stuff at my pc and see where that stands.

    Ill post back my results after i scan right now.

    anyone else have any thoughts on this-?
  4. oakland

    oakland Private E-2

    Coleman thanks for your input no one else seemed to have
    the time for my post. I appreciate that.

    I went and ran

    -SUPERantispyware and it found (4) spyware roots
    deleted em just fine to--Disabled my System restore

    Rebooted and im pretty certain pcs clean.

    I was jonesin' to play Day of Defeat, so i went and
    bought a Day of Defeat license for $ 4.95. my Steam
    runs 95% quicker now so im just going to go like this until
    steam sends me back/responds to my Support ticket.
  5. F4tal3rror

    F4tal3rror Private E-2

    You could wait for steam support to get back to you.
    Alternatively, if the person who hacked your account hasn't changed your email linked to the account, you could retrieve it with the 'lost password' link, and then change it to something different.

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