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synaptics touchpad stopped working

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by wilddean, May 21, 2010.

  1. wilddean

    wilddean Private E-2

    Ok So hunted through propably about 50 websites going through all the forums for a solution to this problem..

    heres the pain...

    Compaq pressario cq50 (not that this matters)

    its a clients PC , Touch pad randomly stops working... Have updated the drivers... and still problem persists.

    Originally when the touchpad stopped working i used the keyboard to navigate to Control pane/ mouse / hardware, and the ps2 touchpad had dissappeared.

    Now since the update the touchpad still becomes unresponsive and still appears in Control panel/ mouse/ hardware, within the mouse control panel there is the option on the synaptics tab to reset the device, when i do this the touchpad becomes responsive again.

    Looking through the forums most people seem to think this is a power issue and most people have found a solution of removing the battery and replacing it and this gets the touchpad working again.

    however this is only a temporary fix.

    im looking for a hardcore solution.

    does anyone know if theres any alternative to the synaptics touchpad, or have any idea what could be causing it to become unresponsive.

    Whilst typing this the mouse has now become responsive, and the keyboard from time to time shows a bit of lag, and everynow and then becomes unresponsive for a few seconds.

    This is a clients laptop, and is putting me to the end of my tether.

    i have explained to the client that i have exhausted my knowledge on this device and have not found a fix, so any solution is worth a try.

    i really dont want to go down the road of taking it apart and checking the connections as i dont feel this will be a solution, as the device becomes responsive again once it has been reset within the synaptics control panel.

    The O/s is running windows 7, however the problem also occured when it was running Vista.


    Thanks in advance

    William Dean
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