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system freezing on me randomly... why?

Discussion in 'Software' started by AlwaysInfected, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    K so i just purchased this computer. HP pavillion 3gigs 320g HD etc...

    I got it from craigslist actually. Now before all the "boos" n crooked faces lol. This system is overall prestine. It was new maybe turned on n used a few times but when it is as new when i turned it on. Now as far as i can see it runs very nicely. everything executes properly, the speed is pretty incredible etc..

    I have one issue n iv'e never seen it before. It will randomly freeze on me. Now this is windows vista. Im not familiar with it so i dunno if this is an OS issue or something else. I opened the tower aswell n from what i can see it all looks mint. Maybe its the cdrom? i dunno what it is...

    Anyhow i havent any patterns as to when or what causes the freezing. Now i can be on for hours at a time or have multiple programs open or none n it will just all of a sudden freeze. I mean the mouse wont move etc. if i have sound on it will just stutter.
    Everytime this happens i have to pull the power cord. :cry
    (annoying as hell)

    Like i said otherwise when its working properly it works wonderfully n prestinely i can be running 1 thousand things or none it will work nicely!

    What could be causing this? is it fixable? How do i approach this issue to a tech if i need to bring it in to a shop? What does this issue sound like?
  2. thebigd

    thebigd Private E-2

    If this thing is giving you issues, I would use the recovery cd's and start from scratch. You have no way of knowing what really went on with that computer. So thats the first thing I would do is backup your data and start with a clean windows install.

    Be more specific. What happens when it freezes? Does it respond to any input? Can you ctrl+alt+del? can you access the task manager? Does it happen right away or do you need to be up and running for a while?

    What makes you suspect the cdrom? If you want a quick and dirty way to rule it out, just unplug the power cable running to it ... (although nothing you have said indicates to me anything wrong with your cdrom...)

    Anything is fixable, but first you need to determine the problem before moving forward with a resolution.

    Its hard to say, it might be one of the gazillion pieces of crapware HP installs on there computers in order to bring the prices down so cheap.

    Make sure that your computer has adequate ventilation, you dont have books or crap piled on top of it and that all the fans that are spinning.

    Other than that, the best thing you need to do is to go dig into the event viewer and see whats recorded

    If you are okay to backup your data, HP provides recovery disks that will reinstall everything without any input (if it comes to that) - you might want to consider that avenue as well. The only downside to that is, HP will most likely install a bucketload of trialware junk on your pc most likely as part of th default os install. You can uninstall that manually.
  3. RuidosoPC

    RuidosoPC Private E-2

    When you had the case open, with the machine powered up make sure the fan on top of the CPU is spinning, could be an overheating problem.
  4. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class


    The fan up top on the back works fine. i had my hand behind there before n it feels like a mini ac. :cool

    THEBIGD. It's tough to be specific about something that isn't. all iv'e noted is that it happens after running for a decent while sometimes earlier than other times sometimes later.

    I know that one time when it froze i just trynna swirving the mouse aimlessly n clicking the mouse buttons n i got that long bleep sound.

    Once it freezes thats it. no ctrl alt dlt etc... I always unplug the power.
    Recovery cd? I wouldnt need to recover much i just got it up n running like 2 days ago n i all I DL'd was basic stuff. Ccleaner, Winrar, etc...

    It didnt come with any cds. I should drop it off at a shop have them reinstall vista?
  5. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class


    Computer was in use for about 3 hours. It froze once again. I unplugged the power cord as it is my only option. When i plugged it back in i turned it on n this time after asking like it has "Start windows normally" press enter... right after that (i didn't click anything) chkdsk ran... then it went to start on its own n went back to that screen saying windows can not open properly n said it was due to something hardware or software...

    What has happened?!??!
  6. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    Oh wait heres the problem. I think this confirms what iv'e been hearing about vista for years when i was riding smoothly with XP2. Vista is trash..... rolleyes
  7. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    Ok so my hard drive basically was shitting the bed. I just got a new 500G one. Things are fine...

    I have a few annoyances with Vista tho. I need to insall Adobe flash player. Well it was done one of those things where id'e install but the damn OS still was unwilling to recognize it. So i went into Win32 manually>macromed folder N ran the install as admin. Once it installed it said to restart for things to work. I did this 2wice and it still is not recognizing Adobe flash. Why so? How can i get this functioning?

    Also I cannot play live streaming files on places like Zshare. It says it does not recognize the player or which plugin i need. Xflv player or something....

    Why is Vista so lame?
  8. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    What questions of BigD's didnt i answer!?!?!!? I couldnt explain my problem any better because its just as i explained!!

    So check this member how i said the hard drive (new one) seems to have resolved it? Now i'm thinking it hasn't! After being on it for like 2 hours i was doing something n it froze on me again!

    So now im ridiculously confused and aggravated with this thing! What is it the motherboard?

    N whats this stuff u say about adobe? I never had issues with XP ever! I ran that OS for as long as it's been out the only issues i ever had was Malware. Now with Vista i can't instal certain programs etc... N u say these problems are not vista related?

    So when i can go to adobe n download n install adobe n things of that nature on XP and it installs n works fine afterwards but then on Vista when it's the complete opposite it is not Vista related?

    I downloaded and "installed" Adobe and i was still unable to see flash content even after a restart. You say this is hardware issues? So not being able to play live streaming media on Zshare when the system says it does not recognize the file type x/ Flv that is not Vista fault either? rolleyes

    Anyhow Im highly concerned about this thing having froze again. That caught me way off gaurd. how is this possible? The guys at CTS said they tested everything and even un plugged everything inside n repieced it together to make sure....

    N now this? yet it's not Vistas fault. I'm glad XP is reponsible for having worked so well while and whenever i ever used it....

    I'm confused.
  9. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    Ok so here. I got no data cds with this system period. I don't know how n never have install an operating system n will not start now without a trained professional guiding me through it.

    This new hard-drive was installed at the "Computer shop" they clearly installed vista on their own n it def came as naked as possible without a cluster of MS gadgets n unecessary programs. I can see the difference in it just with the way the OG OS/HD was/had.

    Now as far as the event viewer can u fully elaborate on that I don't know what it is or how to work it to get the results u need. thanks

    Can i uninstall adopbe completely like u say using CCleaner? or should i use that other program u mentioned?
  10. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    will look into this thanks.

    from what i know they did run tests... I can call tomm n ask exactly which ones if ud'e like. During my frequent call ins to learn progress n updates they were telling me they were running tests etc....

    will do.

    Thanks again
  11. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

  12. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    Ok thanks link works fine now...
    Also adobe flash installed fine aswell this time. I went to the site nwas more technical about it. instead of just clicking the DL button I clicked on pick OS type n browser n so i selected Vista/firefox n it was a clean install... :-D

    Also my pc is going on about 3 1/2 hours with no freeze and i streamed a movie from to my ps3 to my tv the whole time fine. I am heading out to get some food, I will leave it on screensaver idle n let u know how it holds up when i get back.....
  13. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    So the pc ran very nicely last night with no freezing. It just froze on me a little while ago after installing Javaruntime. I was looking around in event viewer once i figured out how to get to it. There is a few errors and "yellow ! shields" logged.

    How do i post the logs from there here?
  14. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    again how can i copy logs from eventviewer to post them here? im lost.
  15. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    Below the text window:

    Attached Files:

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  16. AlwaysInfected

    AlwaysInfected Private First Class

    Grrrr..... :-D

    I know how to attatch!!! Im sayin. How do i get a text copy of the eventviewer window to attatch here afterwards. LOL
  17. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    Open the Event Viewer. Expand the 'Windows Logs' option on the sidebar and select the log you wish to save. On the toolbar menu, select 'Action. In the dropdown menu, select 'Save Events As...'. In the window that opens, select the folder to save it in (default is your Documents folder), a name and the type of file you wish to save it as (in the 'Save as Type' dropdown).

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