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System Rollback Data taking up a lot of space

Discussion in 'Software' started by fasteddie34219, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. fasteddie34219

    fasteddie34219 Private E-2

    Hello Major Geek support team! I have noticed when doing basic utility scans that I have a "System Restore Data" folder. As I understand it, this is for the basic restore function. Problem is, this folder takes up roughly 30% of my hard drive. I have an HP Mini laptop with Windows 7. Any ideas as to if this is normal or if something may be wrong? Appreciate your help:) Brandon
  2. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    It DOES strike me as unusual to consume that much disk space (depending on partition size).

    You can, however, control how much space is allocated to system restore by launching System Restore, and entering the settings.

    Don't have Win7 for exact instructions, but on XP, which should be similar:

    1. Launch System Restore
    2. Click the 'System Restore Settings' link
    3. Under 'Available Drives' select the drive System Restore files reside on, and press the 'Settings' button
    4. Use the slider to adjust the percentage of disk space System Restore should use.
    5. Apply your settings
  3. fasteddie34219

    fasteddie34219 Private E-2

    I have followed the steps you provided and currently have the restore max set at roughly 5 gb. It was previously set at 7 gb, however the System Rollback Data folder was over 13 gb. My disk utility software (Glary Utilities) still shows the folder as taking up 30% of my hard drive. Any other ideas?
  4. fasteddie34219

    fasteddie34219 Private E-2

    Update from this morning, when I "toggle" system restore, this file does not remove itself (even after rebooting). Should I delete the folder using Glary Utilities and then create a new restore point once done?
  5. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    You have described this folder as 'System Restore Data' and as 'System Rollback Data'. My version of Win 7 doesn't have either of these folders, its System Restore folder being called, as it is in Vista too, System Volume Information.

    Forgetting Glary, what does Windows Explorer tell you about this folder? You may need to untick 'Hide Protected Operating System Files' first.
  6. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    I would check your System Restore by entering that in 'Help and Support' and following the instructions. Mine is set by default at %4 or 10 GB on a partition of 262GB. Also you can set the slider at whatever % you want. I have no idea where your folder comes from but I believe it's not from the MS System Restore. BTW, how big is your HDD and where is your slider set? SR takes about 500MB/restore point. Read through the help first.

    Hmm, I hope this isn't a W7 Basic issue as I know nothing about that except that things are not the same.
  7. fasteddie34219

    fasteddie34219 Private E-2

    Earthling - The correct name of the folder is "System Rollback Data". When I do various scans (anti-virus, malware, Glary, etc., all tools show this folder as being scanned and it seems to take a very long time to get through the folder. That led me to check the size of the folder (13 gb). I can view the folder in Windows Explorer. I also see a folder called "System Volume Information" as you mentioned. Within the System Rollback Data folder are 3 sub-folders: Boot, Config, and Restore.

    Augiedoggie - I have already configured the restore settings to 4%. I have also deleted previous restore points but for some reason this folder still exists. My hard drive is 150 gb. Do you think I should try to manually delete the entire folder?
  8. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    System Volume Information is the system folder holding your system restore points, so this 13GB folder is something different - not part of the OS. I'm wondering if it's an OEM recovery tool of some sort, though for obvious reasons these are normally in a separate partition, not in the system partition. Or have you run a system backup program at some point, and this is its output file?
  9. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    Don't touch it Ed until you find out what it is. Looks like a hidden restore drive, does it have a drive letter in Disk Management? If you hide protected files, does this disappear? Still, %30 or 50GB is way high for a restore partition.

    Do have any security apps that might want to use that space. You install some software recently?
  10. fasteddie34219

    fasteddie34219 Private E-2

    Earthling - I have run a backup program in the past but I use an external hard drive to do this.

    Augiedoggie - The folder is located in the C: drive and can only be seen when you un-select Hide Protected Operating System Files. I can't think of any security tools that have created this. I only use Major Geek recommended tools:)
  11. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    You are not alone with this monster file as I've found a couple of other guys with a very similar situation, though no one has been definite about its origins. Roxio Back on Track has been suggested but not confirmed. In both cases the file was still growing so its creator was still around.

    Do you have this Roxio program aboard? If so, and if you don't use it, I would get rid. That may or may not also remove this folder, but if not then it seems you can safely delete it using a boot disk such as an Ubuntu live CD or BartPE.

    Let us know how it goes or if you want any further assistance.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2010
  12. fasteddie34219

    fasteddie34219 Private E-2

    I do not have Roxio Back on Track. One thought was to start un-installing security software one-at-a-time and seeing if the folder disappears. I'm not sure how to manually delete the file and I'm not sure what ubuntu live or BartPE are. Are you saying I will need one of these in order to delete the file manually?
  13. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    Don't bother with uninstalling anything in the hope it will disappear. Its clear from what I've seen in other forums that the file is being or was created by backup software of some variety - Roxio was a suspect, but not confirmed. However all we need to do is to find a way of deleting it, as that isn't going to cause any collateral damage.

    Start by trying to delete it in Explorer, in Safe Mode if you can't delete it in normal mode. If it refuses to budge I'll tell you how to get a boot disk that will definitely kick it into touch. To delete a file in Explorer just navigate to it, right click and Delete. If it is able to proceed it will tell you the file is too large for the recycle bin, but just go ahead anyway.
  14. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    Not sure it will cheer you up much but you might want to read through this thread on the HP Mini 110. It seems the machine is supplied with an inbuilt backup system and it is this that creates this ever growing C:\System Rollback Data folder, and from that thread it seems no one succeeded in deleting it.

    However I think we should persevere.
  15. beejai13

    beejai13 Private E-2

    I am so glad I stumbled accross this forum! Roxio BOT has been clogging up my system and I've been trying to work out what to do about it for weeks. As it is an OEM, it cannot be uninstalled normally and this has been causing problems for me for weeks - my 160gb hdd FULL!!!
    I've downloaded and installed Spacemonger and am slowly clearing up the system.
    THANK YOU!!!
  16. Danny_G

    Danny_G Private E-2

    If you go to CNET and put WinDirStat in the search box, you can download a program that finds what file is taking up all that space. I didn't read exactly how to use the program so I'm not sure how the hell to get rid of that file, that on the system I was checking out (XP) the sub file under the "rollback" file was "archive" and it had a buttload of GB's it was wasting. I'm going back to figure out how to dump all that useless space taking info so I can get my friends mini working again. If you look for that WinDirStat elsewhere on the net you get all kinds of useless garbage so get it from the CNET website. Good luck.
  17. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

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