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tabrot, gifrot

Discussion in 'Software' started by CatT, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. CatT

    CatT I can't follow the rules

    i often experience browser tabs which cannot complete. sometimes they hang indefinitely, sometimes they display part of the page and then stop, sometimes they go straight to that "cannot display" page.

    sometimes things are better after a refresh; more ofthen than not it is a lost cause. and yet, if i cut the URL and paste it to a NEW tab, it fills out right away! indicating to me that it is not the page in question -- nor even the browser writ large -- but THAT PARTICULAR TAB. hence my term "tab rot".

    a similar (related?) issue i have is that most online GIFs only display 10-20% before going dead. no matter how many times i refresh, they just go DEAD on me.

    and yet if i cut the URL and DL via orbit, etc., i get the full image no problem. which -- incidentally -- displays fine LOCALLY in the same browser.

    but the ONLINE original defiitely has some sort of "timeout" problem.

    any thoughts?

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