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The instruction at "0x01c84e56 referenced memory at "0x00000004".

Discussion in 'Software' started by Calie1986, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Calie1986

    Calie1986 Private E-2

    The instruction at "0x01c84e56 referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the program.

    But it never terminated it just keeps beeping at me. i then have to click the close button again & wait for end now box to come up then i click that. then both boxes plus web page goes away

  2. Calie1986

    Calie1986 Private E-2

    i am operating windows XP pro, also my browser is Internet Explorer not sure whether it is 6 or 7 how do i find that out?????

    the program i am using is Internet Explorer. when i click to close a web page ( no matter what web page) that message come up.
  3. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    Open IE on the top "Help" click About
  4. Calie1986

    Calie1986 Private E-2

    ok so it is 6. and SP2
  5. Calie1986

    Calie1986 Private E-2

    operating program:

    microsoft windows xp
    home edition
    version 2002
    service pack 2

    internet explorer
    Version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254
    cipher strenght: 128 bit
    product id: 76477-OEM-0063912-18710
    update version: SP2
  6. Calie1986

    Calie1986 Private E-2

    i already use regisrty cleaner? is that the same thing
  7. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    I'm not sure, you would have to give us the full name of the program. Most here use Ccleaner and like it, cleans out temp and registry w/o any issues, leave at defaults.
  8. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    Is there a more information link in the error message, if so what does it say. Might have to send the error message to Microsoft for this link to come up, don't remember.
  9. Calie1986

    Calie1986 Private E-2

    thank you muchly i updated internet explorer & cleaned my computer with program you suggested. Everything is working great.
    thumbs UP.

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