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This Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by General_Lee_Stoned, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    i came home from work to find my 10yr old son whos a mad WWE (wrestling) fan using this browser download
    he was well chuffed with it so i looked into it and you also have to install a search engine called UCMORE so i ran ad-aware and there was 3 reg keys 3files and one folder from UCMORE
    so iwent to add remove uninstalled it and yeah you guessed it the browser wouldnt run so ive now removed it and im now officially the worst dad in the world!!!!
    What really pees me off is theres nothing in the description warning you of the bloody spyware how can these ppl get away with it!
  2. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    thanx abbysue ill try that tomorrow as ive got to go to bed its late here in the uk and ive got work tom
    ill post again with my results
  3. Fw190

    Fw190 Lt. Anti-Social

    well, they do mention the spyware, it's just in the EULA that nobody ever reads, let alone a 10 year old.
  4. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    no go after using spybot im afraid but i got my son a new beyblade and hes happy!
    btw thanx for program though came up with 34 problems ad-aware didnt find

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