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Toshiba Satellite shutting down randomly

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by wgbeatty, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. wgbeatty

    wgbeatty Private E-2

    Hey all,

    I have a Satellite A665-S6050 laptop that has been shutting down randomly when it's moved. Pretty random and more consistent now. This happens on power and on battery. I've checked the AC inlet and power adapter, but because it's showing the same symptoms on both AC and battery, I assume it's not a AC/power specific issue.

    I've opened it and checked the motherboard - no cracks or anything else I can see. All wires/ribbon cables are connected internally properly.

    At first I thought overheating, but I used my air compressor and cleaned it internally - heat sink, fans, etc.

    If it sits still, it will run for hours usually without shutting down. At this point, it is VERY touchy. Turn on when moved...and shuts down just the same...with little movement.

    Any thoughts on this one?

  2. razoric

    razoric Private E-2

    I had a satellite that kept doing this, but mine was overheating. As you've rules that out, have you tried booting an OS from cd e.g ubuntu? look at option 3, then you can at least rule out dodgy hard drive, and move onto next component.
  3. wgbeatty

    wgbeatty Private E-2

    Thanks for the input.

    Strange as this may seem, I isolated the issue to the power button. Well, the "button" is a piece a plastic with a little cross shape protruding underneath. The cross makes contact with a membrane type switch which is adhered to the bottom case molding. Membrane is the best way I can think to describe it...little silver button which pops when pushed also including some tiny electronics and a ribbon that connects to the motherboard.

    Did some modification to this piece of plastic as it somehow was contstantly making contact with the switch. Laptop has been working fine all day now. One of the more interesting fixes I've done to a laptop.
  4. dvgb173

    dvgb173 Private E-2

    Can you describe your modification? My brother is having this exact problem with his. I disassembled it, but didn't modify the power button. Just cleaned everything. It worked fine at my house for 3 hours. He took it home and it wouldn't complete a boot!
    Doug B.
  5. wgbeatty

    wgbeatty Private E-2

    Modification worked for a few days, but the laptop wouldn't start after that short time.

    What I did was shave a small amount of the plastic (Exacto knife) from underneath (you'll see the silver button and underneath the white plastic strip). This failed to work consistently, so I removed the plastic completely and started the laptop by pushing the membrane button with a pen tip. This worked temporarily, but now the laptop

    It's now shelved for a bit. My conclusion is that I need a new button or a new bottom molding for the laptop. The bottom molding (case) if purchased used, should contain the switch. I could see the switch getting worn out easily! Perhaps the switch part itself could be ordered, but the switch is fastened to the case with that clear adhesive tape.
  6. dvgb173

    dvgb173 Private E-2

    Not sure what is actually causing the reboots. I'm going to take another look at it.
    I saw the switch assembly part online for $16.25.

    Thanks for your quick response.
  7. wgbeatty

    wgbeatty Private E-2

    Hope my post was understandable...long day yesterday! Pesky issue this has become.

    Where by chance did you find the part? I've been to National Parts Depot before, but haven't had time to search this time around.
  8. dvgb173

    dvgb173 Private E-2

    enter laptop info. It is under miscellaneous as power membrane.
    And it is $10.
    you might need a new button though.
    Good luck!
    I will probably recommend it be sent to Toshiba.
  9. dvgb173

    dvgb173 Private E-2

    Sending unit back to Toshiba. I will update as to what they find.
  10. Somebunni

    Somebunni Private E-2

    I just had one of these in to service shutting down randomly. I found that the thermal grease under the heat sink was inadequately applied, and all pushed out to the sides. I cleaned the old thermal grease, applied new, and it's running like a charm! The computer was simply overheating and shutting down.

    I know many have had this issue, so I hope this is helpful!
  11. dvgb173

    dvgb173 Private E-2

    Sorry for not following up.

    Toshiba first said the motherboard was bad, $400. Ok'd swap. That didn't fix it, so they said the CPU was bad and I would have to pay additional $600.00 for CPU. (Because I already agreed to the m/b swap!)
    Told them to F'-off and send it back unrepaired. $1000 repair for $699.00 laptop - RIDICULOUS!

    Toshiba then offered the original quote of $400.00, because it was their mis-diagnosis.

    So they got $400.00 instead of $120 diagnostic fee.

    Laptop is repaired and still working. But it is the last Toshiba product I buy. Nor will I recommend their products.
    Doug B.

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